Letter: MP needs take action over poor cross-Solent service delivered by ferry companies over festive period

Isle of Wight commuter, Steve Gibbs, reminds readers that MP Bob Seely was assured ferry companies were ‘ready for the winter’ and asks what he’s going to do about the recent poor service

Bob Seely arrives

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This from Steve Gibbs. Ed

A recent press release that was issued had the headline “Bob Seely assured that Cross Solent ferry operaters are ready for the winter”.

It would be interesting to find out what those plans were as clearly many services have been cancelled over the festive period.

Crew sickness, technical problems have all been quoted. Delays due to technical issues have been the latest excuses.

Points to be considered:

  • How many crew does it take for the cancellation to invoke and have staff been cut to the bone with no reliefs available?
  • Why are the ‘technical reasons’ not explained in the the interests of transparency?
  • Commuters can only give their employers so many excuses why they are not in work or late?
  • How does this affect businesses that rely on the ferries – does it have a financial impact?
  • Lastly, is there any compensation for instance if you pay for a premium-priced crossing and that is cancelled and you are compulsary moved to a cheaper-timed crossing, do you get reimbursed?

Bob needs to take action not words
These are all questions that Bob Seely needs to get answers on.

Obviously the Isle of Wight residents are getting a poor service and Bob needs to take action not words.

Hovertravel excluded
This letter refers to all the operaters excluding Hovertravel, who have run a reasonable service and who communicate with their passengers.

Image: © With kind permission of Allan Marsh

Monday, 30th December, 2019 9:13am


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Absolutely agree!

Let’s here it from Bob.. Bob, are you there?




He may make some noise like he has before, may even write a letter but actions speak louder than words. In 3 yrs as our MP he’s done nowt except posture and pose and then go back to his masters and vote for more cuts like a good little puppy.

Jenny Smart

But Nitonia, look at the photo. Bob has his sleeves rolled up, so you can see he really means business!


I agree he should do more on this fundamental issue but THERE ISN’T GOING TO BE A FIXED LINK


Some of these comments appear to be more political than travel related. How many of these people actually went to the mainland for Christmas? We did, no problem at all.


Personally, I am looking forward to the next five years of Bob achieving nothing.


What does Bob intend to do? Make sure that the notion of a fixed link is buried forever and that his chums at the ferry companies should not be subject to scrutiny from the CMA it would appear!



You’ll certainly be yawning if your late night sailing is cancelled, especially if it involves spending the very early hours of the morning in some desolate ferry terminal when you might prefer to have completed your journey and be snugly tucked up in bed on the island. Doesn’t affect Bob though, dare I say it, I don’t want to upset his minder Mr Pugh, but Bob owns… Read more »

I was yawning as your response is totally predictable as ever. In terms of late night sailings I prefer to have a plan B or more usually avoid the “last ferry” scenario entirely.


Nice to see your sympathetic response to Steve Gibbs problems, experiences that many other of us islanders have shared!


Not really that interested in your opinion on whether I a sympathetic or not.


If you’re not interested in the problems that us islanders have with the ferries why do you bother commenting at all?


Totally agree with Steve Gibbs that the ferry problems need addressing. However, bringing up the white elephant of the fixed link every time this is mentioned is getting really boring. It is dead in (or under) the water…