Letter: Social distancing markings are pointless and won’t make any difference

This reader believes the markings on footways won’t make any difference and are a waste of money

social distance dots on pavements in Cowes

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This from John Hague from Sandown. Ed

I am fully aware that the need for Social Distancing is of importance as part of the plan to reduce the spread of Covid-19.

I notice that when I walk along the shopping areas of Shanklin, everyone is playing their part in this despite the pavements only being about six foot wide.

However I despair that the Isle of Wight Council/Island Roads have seen fit to paint white discs and red squares up the middle of our pavements.

Pointless markings
We are responsible adults and we are perfectly capable of distancing ourselves without pointless markings.

Are we supposed to walk along on the circles in a single file and stop when someone else does or are we supposed to stay in between the circles or are they a divider so that we walk along in one direction each side.

This is a nonsense and is typical of the thought that we all need “nannying” in our everyday life.

What are we coming to!
This will make no difference – those, the majority, who responsibly keep apart will continue to do so anyway. Those who don’t will certainly not change when or if they see these markings.

I thought the Council were desperately short of funds so certainly can’t afford such waste.

In addition part of the High Street is a “Conservation Area”! What are we coming to!

Image: © Cowes High Street – Isle of Wight Council

Monday, 22nd June, 2020 2:42pm


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The Government’s response to Covid has been The Theatre of the Absurd from day one.


If the government reduce social distancing to 1m tomorrow, as expected, will the council or Island Roads then employ someone to paint an extra dot between the current markings?

Simon Perry

Have you seen the ones in Shanklin (Regent Street)? They looked to me as if they were already 1m apart as I drove that way.


I expect Island Roads will be happy to do it at £500 per dot, as per usual for anything off-contract…

You say they aren’t needed. You say people are perfectly responsible and able to judge 6 feet. What planet are you on? Do you go outside? Don’t you see the knuckle-dragging selfish morons just ambling about where they want? The sad truth is that most people on this island seem to be thick or selfish (or both)… so I think ‘nannying’ is exactly what they need. If… Read more »
Mark L Francis

Damn straight! It is really hard to keep 6ft apart from someone who is not prepared to collaborate. It may take 2 to tango (although at the moment a tango as such, would be wildly inappropriate)


Hardly used and people very often walking down the middle of the road 4 or 5 abreast


And the metre/two metre dots only apply to people in front of or behind others, allowing people to pass to the side without ‘guidance.’

Angela Hewitt

Angry Chrisev is right, If everyone had heeded to lockdown the virus would have run itself out by now. My Mum used to say no good crying over spilt milk but I think it is – someone has to be responsible

Tin man

Treat them as mini roundabouts and give way to the right!