Live: Isle of Wight hustings on Biosphere, climate and economy

If you couldn’t make it along to the hustings follow our live reporting from the debate to hear where five of the candidates stand on the Biosphere, climate and the future economy

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The next Isle of Wight General Election hustings takes place tonight (Monday) from 7pm. OnTheWight are planning to report live (see updates below) from the event which has been organised by group of climate campaigners.

Five of the six prospective parliamentary candidates will be taking part in the debate focused on the Biosphere, climate and future economy.

Run of events
There will be two five-minute presentations prior to the hustings on relevant subjects. These will be strictly non-political in nature.

The remaining time shall commence with candidates having two minutes to introduce themselves and thereafter to be equally divided between the three topics.

Live updates
The live updates that appear below will automatically refresh in the page. Items in double brackets (()) indicate comment from the author.

Image: pahudson under CC BY 2.0

Monday, 2nd December, 2019 5:04pm



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Uk does not currently include emission figures fo aviation, shipping and external proxy emissions via outsourcing and overseas UK activities and interests.

iain mckie

Aviation is covered by the IED and EUAAs are surrendered annually. Donald Trump was once fined 125k for not having EUAAs for his private jet when it came here before he was president


Can you qualify that statement with a link or source please?

“Now is the time to bring the UK’s international aviation and shipping emissions formally within the UK’s net-zero target. These are real emissions, requiring a credible plan to manage them to net-zero by 2050,” Chris Stark, chief executive of the Committee on Climate Change (CCC), said in an email’
(Source, Reuters, September 2019)

iain mckie
Ok, so, that has nothing to do with IED (industrial emissions directive), which doesn’t cover aviation anyway. So, now we’re back to the original lie about the UK being a leader in emissions reductions, it isn’t, this is a mistruth, and you’re contributing to it, and by doing so, you’re endangering life. The situation is urgent, and the task of implementing the necessary changes at scale and… Read more »
iain mckie

Aviation emissions are treated the same way as emissions covered in the IED. The system is precisely the same, and EUAs are acceptable for compliance within the aviation system, i.e. they are the same thing, the only caveat being that EUAAs are not admissible for compliance for the NAPs.


Not true, and a) you’re still not addressing shipping and proxy emissions, b) not fooling anyone, including yourself.

iain mckie

Fairly sure that’s true, given I worked in the EU ETS for ten years. Shipping has proposed as inclusion into ETS but has been kicked back several times, but remains on the agenda. As for proxy emissions biggest scandals were HFC23 and AAUs which UK Govt decided not to use for KP compliance.


Well, the CCC says you’re wrong, as does the literature for the IED.
You continue to placate yourself in self delusion as the things break down if you wish, but don’t try to disrupt the folk genuinely trying.
You’re just waffling, and for me, this particular issue is done.

Alternative Perspective
We can all individually do much, much more by simply buying less stuff. Importing less stuff, and producing the stuff we really do need much closer to where it is consumed also helps. Making sensible choices by reading food labels helps to. Our island hospital has just had its kitchens given a 1 star rating. Will this result in more investment, or will it provide an excuse… Read more »
Indeed, we can make changes by making individual choices, however, if we collectively buy less stuff (as we should), we would collapse the jobs in the making of that stuff, mass disengagement from most any product would collapse it within a few weeks, in some cases sooner, hence why we need a systemic structural approach using legislation and financial transitioning for companies and workers alike. local procurement,… Read more »
Alternative Perspective
You are never going to find people on mass will all immediately move away from buying stuff, look at all those who buy countless amounts of clothing from the likes of Primark because it’s cheap, with any thought about the slave labour at the other end. Everyone knows it’s wrong, but everyone still does it. It will take years of re education. Meantime this is where Labours… Read more »
I’m merely pointing out the logical conclusion to your original plea of buying less stuff, and it’s correct that we discuss this impasse of needs contrasted with current trajectory, because it takes us to the real discussions of money creation and behavioural taxation. We don’t have the time for years of re education, and so we must rely on the wealth of scientific knowledge that Govs have… Read more »
Jenny Smart

I wonder how many of the candidates walked to the hustings?


Karl: save planet by driving 3 wheelers, 25% reduction in tyre usag

Bob: Arts Council will save the planet

Richard: schools as incubators, Vix; but we only have 10 years

Vix: Drilling, damage to water/landscape, note to self, speak with other half.

Benny C
Save the planet by voting for facts not fantasy solutions. Anything is possible given the right leadership. Facts plus vision plus intellect leads to effective action. Ask yourself if there is a real leader amongst this panel or whether this is more parrot fashion election trickery to secure a nice little earner and a quiet life. We need the right choices urgently. Brexit is not the number… Read more »
‘more parrot fashion election trickery to secure a nice little earner and a quiet life’? No doubt some people may have dubious reasons for wanting to become an MP, but a quiet life? Do you never read the news? MPs receive huge amounts of abuse, and these days they also receive death threats, and some of those threats are real – Jo Cox MP was murdered in… Read more »
Mark L Francis
When I was a lad we had deposit glass fizz bottles, we returned empty milk bottles and soap came in bars (not single-use bottles).We got shopping in paper bags and it was not covered in plastic packaging so we only produced a dustbin of waste a week (not every day). We think we are more aware now but in many ways we have gone backwards (mind you… Read more »

Carl Feeney not present? A bridge too far?


From a recent interview of Mr Feeney, he thinks his tunnel will not produce any more traffic. I assume he considers that green enough.

iain mckie

Sideshow Bob is wrong on German GHG emission levels. They have been falling to lowest levels on record, down 10+ percent since 2011.


Karl Love not present? Couldn’t he get his tuck tuck fired up?

Angela Hewitt
Thank you Sally for a great update. I confess I didn’t bother to read their pseudo words. The telling story is that only 100 out of 145,000 people turned up! Is it because, No one cares? Is it because the climate change campaign is failing or is it because they knew that all but one of the candidates are merely paying lip service to get votes? Through… Read more »


Karl got his tuck tuck fired up! ;-)


Sorry I couldn’t be there. Well done to everybody who organised it!


HENRY – Re Vix ‘other half’ try and be up to date, Vix is single and that’s a very old very muddled story re. mines.

iain mckie

You are right, perhaps we should concentrate more on the properties she allowed to fall into the ground and degrade the local beauty spot.


Not really. The man she lives with and has 3 children by, runs Xannat International, a global mining company.


Please can OntheWight remove these lies about Vix?


What lies?