Location of the Isle of Wight’s new vaccination centre announced

Details of a major vaccination centre on the Isle of Wight have now been confirmed. As before, you will be contacted by the NHS when it is your turn

The Covid19 vaccine by DK Photography Isle of Wight

Another Covid-19 vaccination site is due to go live on the Isle of Wight later this month. Based at the Riverside Centre, in Newport, it will mean that even more people will be able to get vaccinated on the Island.

It joins the network of local vaccination hospital hubs and vaccination centres that are already in operation in the region.

You will be contacted
Initially, vaccinations will be offered to people in line with recommendations from the independent JCVI. The NHS will contact people when it is their turn. 

People will need an appointment to get their vaccine; most people will be invited by letter from their GP practice or the national programme. 

Baylis: Single biggest public health emergency in NHS history
Dr Dan Baylis, Chief Medical Officer at Solent NHS Trust, who is running the vaccination centres, said:

“We are proud that Solent NHS Trust has been asked to support the delivery of the Covid-19 vaccination programme across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

“Coronavirus has been the single biggest public health emergency in NHS history, and I am incredibly grateful to everyone who was involved in setting up the vaccination centres across the county and on the Island.

“This continues to be such a challenging time for NHS colleagues, and it is testament to the hard work of everyone across the NHS that we are able to deliver this at the same time as continuing to be there for everyone who needs care.”

Other vaccine sites
The Riverside Centre will join four other PCN-led vaccine sites on the Island – The Westridge Centre, in Ryde, The Bay Medical Practice, in Shanklin, West Wight Sport and Community Centre, in Freshwater and Carisbrooke Health Centre in Newport.

And as announced yesterday, NHS and social care staff on the Island have started to receive their Coronavirus vaccine as IOW NHS Trust launched its Covid-19 vaccination hub at St Mary’s Hospital.

Smith: Need to do all we can to keep ourselves and each other safe
Alison Smith, managing director of NHS Isle of Wight Clinical Commissioning Group, said:

“The opening of an additional vaccination centre on the Island is great news for our residents as this will greatly increase our capacity to vaccine people.

“Setting up the Covid vaccination programme has been an enormous undertaking and the way that we have pulled together to make this happen has been fantastic.

“I absolutely need to pay tribute to all colleagues and volunteers. They have been phenomenal in pulling together and setting our clinics up with such speed and efficiency. I want to say a big thank you to them for all their hard work and share how proud I am of my colleagues for their incredible efforts.

“As we accelerate our vaccination programme, we remain focused on delivering to our over 80-year-olds, care homes and those working for health and care.

“We still have Covid-19 circulating in our communities and so we need to do all we can to keep ourselves and each other safe.

“I remind everyone to continue to wash their hands for 20 seconds regularly, to wear a face covering when required and to maintain social distancing of two metres.”

New shared by Priya on behalf of Isle of Wight CCG. Ed

Image: © DKphotography, Isle of Wight

Friday, 8th January, 2021 5:35pm


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Many of those turning up for the vaccine are not only very elderly but disabled. I’m told at The Bay in Shanklin, parking close by has been cancelled. Yesterday two 88 yr olds both disabled, found themselves attempting to walk quite a distance and then queue in bitter cold. Surely something better could be arranged for the many disabled. I would be very much obliged if “On… Read more »

Unable to accept invitations due to the very conditions that make them especially vulnerable, a home vaccination process for elderly/disabled patients and those with no transport would be good?

Sigh, the use of unnecessary acronyms such as ‘JCVI’ and ‘PCN’ irks. If you have to search the wider net for such things in a press release, you have failed. Written by the ‘Senior Communications and Engagement Officer’ as well. Whilst I’m moaning, I once again roll my eyes at putting things at the outskirts of Ryde. I was reminded of the time they put the mobile… Read more »

I am aware that volunteer drivers have been requested to assist with those in need.


But we’re not supposed to be sharing cars!

Rhos yr Alarch

Was there no-where available with better car parking available – one of the currently-closed leisure-centres, for example…?


“Dr Dan Baylis, Chief Medical Officer at Solent NHS Trust, who is running the vaccination centres”

It is being rolled out by some clueless individual from the mainland with no intimate knowledge of the island. Get use to more and more of this nonsense as more and more decisions and services are past to the mainland.



I’d like to point out that Solent NHS Trust has an established presence on the island. Many Solent staff either already work here, or live here. Time to stop being scared that another Trust might actually help us.


I cannot believe that there are still people moaning, we are all getting free vaccinations, being organised on the Island, with great efficiency. Sure, some things are not perfect – but just be thankful, and focus on supporting others, and keeping our local communities as safe as we can, lets please be positive.

You mean free as in being paid with public money? So we aren’t allowed to have an opinion on how our money is spent and valid criticism is now forbidden?? I mean it’s not as if there is an already existing array of GP practices and medical centres which are centrally located and currently having little or no use. Why does there have to be one location… Read more »

May I ask what you do for a living?


I might entertain it if you can tell me how that could possibly be relevant.

I think life’s experiences inform ones ones beliefs and outlooks. So, for example, a young person who chose to work in social services would develop a point of view different to that had they chosen to be property developer. Back on topic…..the first patient in the world to receive the Pfizer vaccine was in the UK in the 2nd week of December. Some iow residents received the… Read more »

Well yes, clearly that is self-evident. But if we are stating the obvious, then there is far more to life than ones occupation.

Suffice to say, I believe that public bodies who use our collective resources should always be scrutinised. It doesn’t help anyone if we are blindly thankful.

Surely this is also obvious?


Indeed. I myself can be critical and vocal on many issues, and have over the years, attended quite a lot of public meetings. I find a sense of perspective is always helpful.


So is the ability to call out arrant nonsense for what it is.

I’m not sure why people are moaning about parking. West Wight Leisure Centre, Westridge, and Riverside centre all have plenty of parking. Carisbrooke has a public car park just 30 metres up the road. And Shanklin Medical Centre is within 20 metres of the Co Op car park. My elderly friend received her jab yesterday at Shanklin Medical centre, and was seen to straight away. It was… Read more »
Rhos yr Alarch

It’s great that vaccines are being received, and good to hear of good experiences. However, accessibility is also important, and I can’t help thinking there would be available venues better able to deal with large volumes of traffic simultaneously arriving and departing than the latest one announced…


‘PCN-led’? What does PCN stand for?