NEU launches education microsite for parents and carers

The site is split into advice, latest news and resources and will be updated regularly as more information from Government and exam bodies is received

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The microsite – Coronavirus and Schools – covers many of the pressing questions being asked by families including our latest advice on exams and assessment, learning outside of school, child well-being and mental health, SEND support and communication with schools.

Supporting home learning
The NEU is recommending resources to parents to support home learning. Union members – teachers and TAs – are also providing tips and advice via the site on how parents can support their child to continue to engage in learning during this period.

The site will be updated regularly as more information from Government and exam bodies is received.

Visit the microsite

Advice, latest news and resources
Commenting on the microsite, Peter Shreeve, Assistant District Secretary of the National Education Union said:

“In these difficult times many parents and carers are struggling to make sense of what home learning should look like. The site is split into advice, latest news and resources. We hope any concerns from parents and carers about their children and young people’s well-being and also what can be expected from this year’s exams and assessment, can be lessened. 

“We know, everyone is working hard to keep children engaged. We are realising the obvious, that most pupils will not complete the quantity of work usually expected when in school. Clearly, the expensive collective timetabled learning that occurs in a school cannot be replicated in the much smaller environment of a home, nor should we expect it to do so.

“The NEU has covered many of the main questions and concerns being raised. We hope this will give families some clarity on what they and their children could be doing and also hopefully alleviate some concerns.  

“This is not education as we know it but headteachers and teachers, working alongside Government are doing all they can to ensure children and their families are not unnecessarily stressed or anxious. A “normal education” is impossible in the current climate. Keeping minds active and happy, ready to return to school when the time comes, is the key.”

News shared by Peter on behalf of the NEU. Ed

Tuesday, 7th April, 2020 9:01am



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