Concerns expressed at Government plans to stop face coverings in secondary schools

female students in classroom wearing face coverings

Twenty leading scientists have joined with educational unions, parents and students to write to Education Secretary Gavin Williamson about the plans

Tuesday, 4th May, 2021 1:32pm

By Peter Shreeve with 4 readers' comments

Easter Card competition winners share what they’re ‘most looking forward to doing after Covid-19’

Easter Card Winners

Strong emotions and desires were reflected in so many messages alongside the designs

Monday, 29th March, 2021 9:29am

By Peter Shreeve

Call for Free School Meals to be extended to pupils of families on Universal Credit

Close up image of Boris Johnson

Over 750 local councillors have signed a letter to PM calling for the extension of Free School Meals to pupils of families on Universal Credit

Monday, 1st March, 2021 4:34pm

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Extra support for educators needed as new grading plans for GCSE and A-Levels revealed

Teenager doing homework with ipad and exercise book

The Union say that teachers and staff will undoubtedly do everything they can to make it work, but need details asap of how they will be supported

Thursday, 25th February, 2021 12:15pm

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Are your kids taking part in the Easter Card Design competition?

Daffodils yellow chick and Easter bunny

Being organised by the National Education Union and promoted through Island schools, there are prizes for the winning entries

Wednesday, 24th February, 2021 12:59pm

By Peter Shreeve

Letter: 1,600 laptops sounds impressive – but it’s not the full story

person using a laptop

Peter Shreeve from the National Education Union says the news that 800 laptops have been given out and another 780 are due is not the whole story

Sunday, 17th January, 2021 11:39am

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Process for marking this year’s GCSEs and A-Levels needed now, say Education Union

Paper and pen

The National Education Union says they need to see the full details of the teacher-assessment process as soon as possible, so that they can help support it

Wednesday, 13th January, 2021 6:46pm

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Cancelling SATs will allow time to address educational recovery, say Union

primary children writing in notebooks

Union says, "Hopefully the Secretary of State will realise by next year, that a curriculum driven by tests, especially for younger pupils, was never the way to improve things"

Thursday, 7th January, 2021 7:35am

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Letter: Can ‘due course’ be today Prime Minister?

school desk with papers and pens

This letter writer says of the Prime Minister, "Dithering is making the situation worse for schools, pupils, staff and the communities, in which they live"

Monday, 4th January, 2021 1:11pm

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School staff told of ‘legal right to refuse to work in unsafe conditions’ as Gov and Council insist primary pupils return to school

red teddy bear with face mask on

National Education Union is informing members that they have the right to work in safe conditions which do not endanger their health, meaning they do not have to be available to take full classes from Monday

Saturday, 2nd January, 2021 1:36pm

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Teaching support assistant passes away after contracting Covid-19

bouquet of tulips

Our thoughts are family and friends of Lynne, who passed away this week after contracting Covid-19

Tuesday, 29th December, 2020 8:46pm

By Peter Shreeve

Government must not let schools be bankrupted by Coronavirus says Union

Abacus and paper

Peter Shreeve from the National Education Union says schools have been reimbursed for only a third of the money they have spent managing Coronavirus

Tuesday, 22nd December, 2020 4:00pm

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