Niton launch new Community Response group

Launched on Wednesday, the Community Response and Back-up group, Niton – CRAB for short – will provide vital support, services and resources to the local community and to business

Niton has launched a Community Response group to help the community cope with the pressures imposed by the Coronavirus.

Launched on Wednesday , the Community Response and Back-up group, Niton –  CRAB for short – will provide vital support, services and resources to the local community and to business.

Over 30 volunteers have already come forward to deliver this support.

Dedicated Website and helpline
Spearheaded by a new and dedicated Website and helpline, the volunteers will help residents access the provisions, prescriptions and essential services they need to equip them to defeat the virus and live more comfortably in their homes at this time of enforced isolation.

The initiative will also help residents navigate their way around the health system, to find out the latest developments relating to the virus and to stay connected in an increasingly isolated world.

Visit the CRAB Website
Also launched this week was the CRAB website CRAB Website which will bring a constant feed of news, hints and tips for keeping well, active and connected as well as information about accessing essential goods and services.

For the local business and the self-employed , it will provide a lifeline of support with information about how to manage current problems of credit liquidity, staffing and the latest information on government support packages available.

Manned by a team of volunteers
The Website is being supported by a helpline and will be open seven days a week.

Manned by a team of volunteers, it will enable residents and businesses to get live and bespoke advice and information.

A minibus service will enable volunteers to deliver people and services. The helpline number is: 01983 730 748.

Thurbin: Our collective duty
Will Thurbin, Coordinator of the CRAB Group, Niton said:

“We, like the rest of the Island, have many older and vulnerable people living in Niton, and we feel it is our collective duty to look after and protect them.

“In the coming days we will be introducing a number of additional services that will support them and the community as a whole. ”

Stewart: Local initiatives like this make communities stronger
Dave Stewart, Isle of Wight Council Leader and local councillor, welcomed the CRAB Niton initiative saying,

“It is great that Niton has really responded to the challenge of the virus, helping the community defeat it.

“Local initiatives like this rally communities at such times and make them stronger and more resilient in the future.

“We expect other communities on the Island will take their lead.”

Anyone wanting to volunteer, should contact the group directly.

News shared by Claire on behalf of Niton Community Response and Back-up group. Ed

Image: © Nick Edwards – Wight Seen

Friday, 27th March, 2020 11:43am



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