Not a member of Vectis Party and no intention of standing as a councillor, says Harris

The man who features on the Vectis Party launch video says the voiceover was scripted and that he only did it as a favour. Read the full details within

Julian Harris not a member of the Vectis party

Julian Harris, who features in the Vectis Party launch video has told News OnTheWight that he is not a member of the new political party and has no intention of standing as a councillor in the upcoming May 2021 elections.

Mr Harris told News OnTheWight that he was not one of the original members of the Vectis Party, had nothing to do with the set up, and that he did the scripted voice clip as a favour to Daryll Pitcher, who founded the Vectis Party.

Harris: No intention of becoming a councillor
Mr Harris said,

“I never signed up to become a member and was not going to be standing for council, I told him straight from the go, weeks ago, saying I would only help with things behind the scenes.”

He told News OnTheWight that the first he knew of being tied to the Party was in relation to an article published this morning reporting his conviction on drug charges.

Launch video
In the Vectis Party launch video (see below) announced last week, Julian says,

“Hello my name is Julian Harris. I have joined the Vectis Party because I believe in the future of the Island. As a father I want to see good opportunities for our kids and this will only happen if we have a strong Isle of Wight. What works for the mainland doesn’t always work here as the Island is different and should be treated as a special case by those in power.

“It’s time for the Isle of Wight to stand up for itself and supporting Vectis Party is the best way to do it.”

Response from founder
News OnTheWight have attempted to contact Mr Pitcher, but have not been able to get through. We’ll update this article once we hear back from him.

Wednesday, 13th January, 2021 1:27pm



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What he is saying is that Mr Pitcher deliberately misrepresented him. We are expected to believe that the man who acted as his agent in the Newport West by-election got him to record something that wasn’t true and then published it without his consent or knowledge. A serious allegation for sure. The poor choices around this farce knows no bounds it seems. With this level of shenanigans… Read more »

Clearly the party who knows the difference between a**es and farces.. no, elbows…. no… elbows… feet…. both feet…. quick, hide it all. Totally inept. Great video, you should make some more, I was gripped by how excellent you all are.


‘4 yellow bottle heads standing on the wall’

‘and if 1 yellow bottle head should accidentally fall’

‘ there’ll be 3 yellow bottle heads standing on the wall’

……to be continued?