Personal Bests galore for Ryde Harriers at the Victory 5

Great performances from so many of the Ryde Harriers at last weekend’s Victory 5 in Lakeside North Harbour

Ryde Harriers runners - one with her thumbs up

Ryde Harriers achieved some of their PBs this weekend at the Victory 5.

Ryde Harriers took part in the Alexandra Sports Victory 5, now in its 73rd year at Lakeside North Harbour.

Pippa Sharp said,

“The Vic 5 was my first race on the mainland as a Ryde Harrier 3 and a half years ago and it was so nice to see so many of our new Ryde Harriers running for their first time. Well done everyone and a personal best for me with a time of 46:11.”

Astounding time for Charlie
Ryde Harriers would like to say a big congratulations to Charlie Metcalfe the first Vet 40 and the sixth lady completing her run in an astounding time of 29:33.

Personal bests
There were lots of personal bests last weekend, from Adam Tuck who finished in 27:47, Trevor McAlister achieving his in a very respectable time of 29:52 minutes. Graham Gardner finishing  in 33:26 and Nat Jane Rose in 40:35.

Carolyn Ward achieved her PB in 41:16 minutes. Lisa Robertson in a record time of 41:52, followed by Diana Swyers racing in at 42:19, Sarah Thompson in 55:50 and Elizabeth Holloway achieved her PB in 53:39 minutes.  A huge well done to all runners .

Ryde Harriers

Joe Wade was very happy to be racing in Harriers red for the first time today saying,

“He was buzzing with second men’s team with a time of 24:31 and said he hopes to be 1st next time.”

Jake Brougham came in 17th place overall with a time of 27:16 , followed by Dave Hunt in at 27:35.

Ken Oatley said,

“It was a personal best for me today, my previous five mile PB was two months ago at the club championship which I achieved in 34:44 and a five mile split in the Great South was ran in 33:52 so I am  very pleased to achieve my time of 32:16.”

Impressive times
All round there were some impressive times from both the Women and Men Harriers.

Matthew Jacobs came in at 32:37, closely followed by Harry Furmidge with an impressive time of 32:46. Peter Young the 1st vet 70, raced in at 34:20, next came Dave Slack with a time of 34:41 followed by Rowland Sillito who achieved his race in  35:09 minutes. Roger Merry came in with a very respectful time 38:08 and Keith Ruth crossed the line with a time of 41:14 minutes.

Young women
For the girl Harriers, Sarah Peake raced in with an excellent  time of  34:48 closely followed by Claire Grace in at 35:33 and Carole Barry crossed the line with her time of 44:53.

Samantha Fancourt and Sarah Probert crossed the line together in a time of 47:59 minutes.  Louise Wilcock in 52:16 minutes  and Sue Green in 53:59 .Sandra Norris came in at  54:33 and Joy Furmidge finished in 59:01 .

Stacey Flanagan said,

“I ran my first full 5K in June in about 44 mins so now to run 5 miles in 50:45 is a Hugh achievement.”

PBs for new members
Two new members of Ryde Harriers, Jacqueline Dziuba and Tracey Webb we’re pleased to achieve their PBs. Jacqueline achieved her time in 55:27 and Tracey in 53:28.

Ryde Harriers would like to thank Trevor for organising both the Victory 5m and the cross country over the weekend and we would like to say thank you to our sponsor Wightlink .

Report shared by Stephanie on behalf of Ryde Harriers. Ed

Monday, 9th December, 2019 12:08pm



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