Potatoes! Our Flickr Group Picture of the Week

And relax …. after the flurry of activity in the run up to the election it’s time to relax.

field of potatoes

It’s that time of the week when we dive into the Flickr Group Pool (which now has over 30,000 images) to choose our Flickr Group Picture of the Week.

Those who follow these pages will know that we have a particular draw to beautiful landscapes, parallel lines, greenery and potatoes.

This shot by Jeff Morgan of potato fields in Shanklin ticked all the boxes for us this week.

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Image: © Jeff Morgan Elm Studio

Friday, 9th June, 2017 1:38pm


ShortURL: http://wig.ht/2fmJ

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3 Comments on "Potatoes! Our Flickr Group Picture of the Week"

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Email updates?
Mark L Francis

Do you have any recipes?

(e.g. boil’em, mash ’em, stick ’em in a stew)

Robert Jones

Bought some new potatoes (Isle of Wight new potatoes, of course) today. But I also have some roasting potatoes tucked away – I shall employ the Perry approach … I could cheerfully eat an entire meal of just potatoes.

By the way – fabulous photograph.