Councillors to consider premises license for new Seaview restaurant

Members of the Licensing Sub-Committee will be meeting on 9th June to consider a premises licence application for a new restaurant in Seaview.

Drinks and waiter :

The application seeks permission to serve alcohol at the restaurant, which will only be open in the evenings, as well as be able to hold live acoustic music events. These are likely to be once or twice a week says the applicant, Matt Parker.

‘Watsons’ replaces the former Thai restaurant, Khura Orchid on the High Street and seeks to include only one additional hour at the weekends outside of the original licence, which was in place for 25 years prior to the death of the licence holder.

Opposition from residents
However, several Seaview residents have lodged their objection to the application, citing concerns about noise from customers leaving the premises late at night, as well as smoking on the street, leading to litter and disorder from antisocial behaviour.

The police and Environmental Health have both recommended conditions be attached to the license if granted and these have been accepted by the applicant.

Applicant responds to opposition
Mr Parker has also submitted a response to the comments left by residents. Some of the points addressed include:

  • Appropriate signage will be displayed in a prominent position in relation to smoking, quietness, respecting neighbours and glasses etc.
  • Conditions will be applied to the licence creating additional control.
  • Staff will be provided with extensive training.
  • No live music past 11pm. It’s only of an acoustic nature. No recorded music at all. Only offered on a maximum of two nights per week.
  • There are two sets of doors at the front entrance and there is a rear fire exit. The final exit door will always be closed.
  • CCTV and Fire alarm to be installed. The premises currently has neither.
  • No bottles/containers will be allowed off the premises.
  • There are no historical noise complaints associated with the premises which in the past has had discos take place there.
  • Cabs and other vehicles will be encouraged to drop off and pick up at nearby council car park.
  • Any rubbish disposal/deliveries will be day time only. Late morning onwards.
  • There will be a strict smoking policy in place which all staff will monitor.
  • A risk assessment will be made for all prospective busy nights and if need be a SIA trained member of staff will be employed.
  • Lastly during the peak summer months both the Old Fort and the Seaview yacht club function until the early hours.

The report
Full details can be found in the paper below

Image: Sonya under CC BY 2.0

Tuesday, 3rd June, 2014 10:30am



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Email updates?

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Oh god, good luck to sea view if that goes through. What I know of the guy isn’t good at all!


I’ve lived in seaview with my brothers Bill and Bert all my life, and we all agree that a venue such a this opening with a late licence and live music will make our lives bad.
Reports from Cowes about the other venues which he owns are quite bad. No thank you.


So… you are called Bert, but you also have a brother called Bert?


We all know the Island is a strange place!