Councillor’s urgent plea to save iconic Umbrella Tree

The Isle of Wight councillor for East Cowes, Karl Love, is calling on residents to show their support for the iconic tree, which is due to be removed by the end of next week.

umbrella tree

Earlier this month, it was revealed that Isle of Wight council plan to remove the iconic Umbrella Tree in East Cowes.Umbrella Tree in East Cowes and replace it with a 3m Birch tree.

The reason given by the IWC is that the tree is infected with a fungus and no longer safe.

The news came to light via a Letter to the Editor from Chris Gutteridge, the great grandson of Queen Victoria’s road manager who originally planted the Umbrella Tree in East Cowes.

Call for local support
The Isle of Wight councillor for East Cowes, Karl Love, is calling on residents to show their support for the iconic tree.

The tree is due to be removed on Friday 26th January and Cllr Love is asking for residents to tie ribbons on to the tree to show their support.

He says,

“Please do it this weekend, because unless we stop it, it could be gone by next weekend according to Island Roads. Your town council, supported by Councillor Abraham and I are making a last minute attempt to save it.

“I would also like to invite people to hang memory messages on the tree this weekend to support it and remember the love and history of our town.”

Cllr Love finished by saying,

“Our Umbrella Tree is a valued member of Your community whom has been with you in good times and bad.

“Your Umbrella Tree needs you now just as you may have sometimes needed it.”

The iconic East Cowes Umbrella Tree

Silence from IWC
OnTheWight asked the Isle of Wight council nine days ago to clarify the issues with the tree, but they have failed to provide details.

We’ll add here once we receive the details.

Friday, 19th January, 2018 1:22pm



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Email updates?
There is no evidence of leaf loss or crown die back at all. In fact, the foliage canopy was particularly magnificent this year. When a small group of us decorated it for the 100th Anniversary of it being planted, there was evidence of a fungal bract, but it is slow growing and the rest of the tree appears healthy in all other respects. There is a huge… Read more »

I don’t understand what is dangerous. A danger to what? The buildings? The road and traffic flow? Well, put in mitigation work to contain the danger should it fall in that direction. All the way around? Well, make it a part of the area. Posts and beams. That’s all it takes, fella. Plenty of artisans on the Islands can help make it feel organic.

Luisa Hillard
Where is the Tree Officer report to justify the removal of this tree? We need to see it so that we can understand the reasoning. I believe that the Umbrella Tree is a weeping ash and it could be suffering from Chalara. First confirmed in Britain in 2012, Chalara dieback of ash, also known as ‘Chalara’, ash dieback or Chalara ash dieback, is a disease of ash… Read more »