Rory Fox goes. Another Island head to oversee Ryde Academy

Parents were aware that Dr Fox was due to leave sometime this year, but he has now returned to Essex to assist with other projects.

Dr Rory Fox :

A letter to parents of pupils at Ryde Academy has been posted to the school’s Website this morning.

The letter from group chief executive, Ian Comfort, explains that Dr Rory Fox, the controversial head teacher whose style of leadership has made the national headlines many times in the last year, has left the Island and returned to Essex.

OnTheWight reported back in December that Dr Fox would be leaving Ryde Academy, after the Daily Mail suggested he was “preparing for his next mercy mission”.

OnTheWight had repeatedly asked Dr Fox when he was leaving, he chose not to answer.

In his place, the highly praised Eric Jackson, Executive Principal at Sandown Bay Academy, will be taking on the additional responsibility of Executive Principal at Ryde Academy.

Eric Jacson principal Sandown Bay and Ryde Academy Isle of Wight

Eric will be supported by Sharon Watt, a highly experienced Principal who will be acting as Head of School.

The letter goes on to say,

“We are currently advertising nationally the position of Principal for Ryde Academy and hope to make an appointment next month. It is planned that the successful candidate will start work in September this year and the interim appointments of Mr Jackson and Mrs Watt will continue until then.”

Full details in the letter below embedded for your convenience.

Wednesday, 4th February, 2015 10:29am



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Email updates?

Two bits of good news for Ryde Academy then! Jackson is a valuable asset and many will not be sorry to see the exit of Fox.

When will Acadmic Trusts realise that flying in so-called “Superheads” usually doesn’t work (Eric Jackson at Sandown Bay is the lone example on the Island in recent years!) Some describe these blow-ins as “academic seagulls” that- like their feathered brethren- fly in sqwarking loudly, stay a short time to defecate and then fly off to better pickings, leaving somebody else to clear up the mess they leave… Read more »

Eric Jackson at Sandown Bay is the lone example on the Island ***where it has worked well*** in recent years


The academie trust are recruiting now which is a relief. Mr Jackson has done fantastic work at Sandown Bay so this can only be a good move.

Mark Francis

So is he going to be head at 2 schools at once?
He seems a good guy but he is not a quantum particle.

Fox does actually look a bit like Michael Gove. Coincidence?
I think not.


The Merry-Go-Round Of AET?