Ryde Academy: ‘Extremely happy with A-level results’

Principal, Joy Ballard, is delighted with the progress VI Form students at Ryde Academy have made.

ryde academy a level results

Nat shares this latest news from Ryde Academy. Ed

Ryde Academy celebrates its second year of most of its students achieving at least their target grades or above.

We are extremely happy with the results of the year 13 students. 29% of grades were A*/A or better and 43% B or better and 75% C or better.

100% gained at least two A Levels or equivalent and 94% have gained at least three qualifications.

Results are better than last year A*-B last year was 23% this year it’s 43%, A*-C last year was 60%, this year it’s 75% last year 74% got three, this year it’s 94%.

Principal, Joy Ballard, said,

“Although our 6th form is relatively small, it means we can focus individually on every child and I am delighted with the progress these students have made.

“Ryde Academy wishes all of our students the very best for their futures and looks forward to receiving regular updates from them as to how they are doing.”

Thursday, 16th August, 2018 2:21pm


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