Ryde School A-level and IB examination results 2012

Another year of fantastic results for A Level pupils at Ryde School

Today is the day that pupils across the Island find out their A-level results. Thanks to Ryde School for news of their results. We’re happy to run results from all schools, so please get in touch if you want to share results. Ed

Ryde School Pupils:Ryde School students have enjoyed another very good year of A level results, and equally good results in the International Baccalaureate (IB) which the School entered for the first time this summer.

In the IB, students must face the considerable challenge of taking three subjects at a higher level and three at the standard level, across a broad range of subjects.

100% pass rate
When combining the higher level IB subjects and A level subjects, our students achieved these results: 42% of entries were A* or A grades; 73% of entries were A* to B grades; 91% of entries were A* to C grades and our pass rate was 100%.

At A level the two highest scoring pupils were Henry Clifford and Xiaolingfei Lu each with 3 A* grades, then Scott Armour, Joe Ashworth, Tom Au, Jake Clifton, Katie Eaves, Adam Foster, Andrew Goddard, Robert Green, Justin Hui, Laura Grubb, Robert Hothersall, Charlotte Price and Claire Watt all earned the equivalent of 3 A grades or better.

In the IB, four students achieved the equivalent of 3 A grades in their higher subjects. They were: Bethany Bowen, Mark Krall, Will Ockendon and Maria Stefil.

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Thursday, 16th August, 2012 12:12pm


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  1. Chris Wilmott

    16.Aug.2012 2:28pm

    Great news for the children concerned!
    Hardly news, though, that a selective private school with unmatched funding and low teacher/pupil ratios does well. I wonder what the results in the Island’s other secondary schools would have been, if they enjoyed similar advantages.
    Not that we’re ever going to find out: on the contrary, through the last twenty years the haves have been moving steadily away from the have-nots, and that includes their children.
    Then to top the insult to the majority, our current political leaders (all conveniently millionaires) have the effrontery to claim “we’re all in this together”! I think not.

  2. I believe Ryde private is actually non selective..

    Unless you count ability to pay the fees!

    Congratulations to the students – but let’s not forget the advantages they enjoy compared with kids at Island schools who again fell below the national average.

  3. Chris Wilmott

    17.Aug.2012 12:48am

    I see “Woolly Bear” takes the ususal ad hominem approach to argument for those with nothing to say. It would be better to respond to the point, not the person. And not to hide behind a false name.

    • Bob Bowden

      17.Aug.2012 8:30am

      I’m with you Chris – nicely articulated and a learning experience for me so early in the day. I search ‘ad hominem’ on Google and Wikipedia – now a new addition to my vocabulary.

      To take this further ….. it’s interesting that SO many people use an alternative to their real name.

      • Ryde a Wight Swan

        17.Aug.2012 8:45am

        OK its abused by some but for the most I’m guessing that its akin to the time after the abolition of the Hustings where people felt they could have their “say” without fear of reproach.

    • Woolly Bear

      17.Aug.2012 10:20am

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