Scrutiny Panels to consider child protection action plan

The meetings provide the chance for Scrutiny Panel members to scrutinise the action plan being presented.


On Thursday, members of the Overview and Scrutiny Panel and the Children and Young People’s Scrutiny Panel will meet at County Hall to scrutinise the latest action plan from the council over child protection on the Isle of Wight.

It follows Ofsted’s damning report of child protection provided by the Isle of Wight council.

Both Scrutiny Panels will be given the chance to pick over the report and question the Directors responsible.

The Action Plan is embedded below for you convenience.

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Wednesday, 6th March, 2013 11:03am



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  1. Billy Builder

    6.Mar.2013 11:08am

    I posted this message to another article earlier, but it is just as relevant here – sorry if you’ve already read it.

    When you look at the proposal to outsource the Councils Education and Children’s Services to Hampshire CC, you will note that two posts will be made redundant, the Deputy Director of Child Welfare (post holder compromised out of the IOWC a couple of weeks ago) and the Deputy Director of Education (post holder currently suspended on trumped up misconduct and/or negligence charges). If this proposal is voted through by the Council together with the broader restructuring proposals that will see the demise of our beloved CEO, then the Council will be loosing two officers, Steve Beynon and Janet Newton, who will presumably leave the Council on 31st March. One assumes therefore, that from 1st April (April fools day), these ex-officers will be free to carry out some spring cleaning.

    I believe that Pandora has a very untidy box, full of dirty washing. Perhaps these two ex-officers will be able to give their respective boxes a thoroughly good airing. I’m sure that OnTheWight, the BBC, Wight Radio and other such reputable media outlets will be more than happy to oblige.

    April fools day would be a very good day to expose the fools in the Council and in other public and semi-public organisations, who have things to hide. This being the lead-up to the elections on 2nd May, things could get very interesting for messieurs Pugh, Brown, Wells, etc as well as people such as Rachael Fiddler and Keith Simmons of the Cowes Enterprise Trust.

    Roll on April !

  2. Black Dog

    6.Mar.2013 11:19am

    Open letter to the Scrutiny Panel

    Dear Panel Members,

    Do not under any circumstances follow party lines as this matter is about CURRENT AND FUTURE child safety.

    I would respectively suggest that you ask the originators of the report to go away and come back, as a matter of urgency, with more tangible facts and figures. You can not make any decision based on the above report you are being asked to adopt or consider.

    Can you rely on the very same directors, Councillors, CEO, Leader and Deputy Leader to come up with viable recommendations. Remember who got us into this mess in the first place?

    Why not ask to interview grass root social workers who are not afraid to speak to provide you with real evidence and facts together with their proposals on what is best for vulnerable children on the Island. I would suggest that is a good starting point.

    Do not get involved in this Pontius Pilate style show of publicly washing your hands of the problem by passing control to Hampshire.

    The originators of this report together with the masterminds (Pugh, Brown, Beynon, Love, Anderson) have already proved that they can live with their consciences following the recent tragedy. CAN YOU?

  3. David Rann

    6.Mar.2013 4:04pm

    Staggering incompetence – again!

    I heard from a well placed source in the council that the Ofsted for Safeguarding on the Island was deemed the worst report that officals in Ofsted have ever had to produce and the actions required are so serious that ministers and senior civil servants have IWC on the high risk radar. That should send a chill up the spine of any responsible person that our council have let things get this bad.

    Did I not read that the council alleged that they had worked through ‘over 700 case files’ during or just after the inspection or was that something else??

    Either my memory is suffering or somebody is not telling the truth.
    I agree that officers and practioners at the sharp end are best placed to work through the next stages as those writing such reports at the moment (and they are coming thick and fast) are so far removed from reality and not there for much longer!
    Root and Branch. Root and Branch!

  4. Black Dog

    6.Mar.2013 5:24pm

    People of the Isle of Wight should know this:

    In 2011, the Conservative Team at County Hall agreed the local authority’s Corporate Plan for the following two years.
    This sets out the eight priorities to which the IW Council directs its limited resources.
    These currently are:
    * Raising educational standards;
    * Highways PFI;
    * Keeping children safe;
    * Supporting older and vulnerable residents;
    * Housing and homelessness;
    * Regeneration and the economy;
    * Waste strategy (recycling & minimising landfill);
    * Delivery of savings through changed services.

    Now doesn’t that make interesting reading? It is all there on the IW website.

  5. Island Monkey

    6.Mar.2013 7:37pm

    ‘Give me a few more years and it will all come right.’

    I guess that will be David Pugh and the Tories election cry?

    Sorry Dave, you lot have made a terrible job of running things, you even had a second term. You certainly do not deserve a third.

  6. Mike Powell

    6.Mar.2013 8:45pm

    I doubt in reality, Black Dog, that there are any decisions still to be made. I would suggest that the Island Council is most probably being presented with a fait accompli delivered by the Minister, who is shortly to issue an improvement notice.

    The Ofsted report is indeed a chilling read, and it is disturbing to say the least that services could have been allowed to get to this point. My own experience as a user of another council service is that the current administration hasn’t got the hang of performance management: knowing what is going on and whether it is up to scratch.

    In this case the potential consequences of this level of service failure do not bear thinking about.

  7. wightywight

    7.Mar.2013 11:45am

    @mike powell:

    you are being very kind mike… ;0)

    This is, as you allude, an extremely serious situation and one that should not have ever happened.
    How can this Island administration, a group who have managed this Island for 8 years consecutively, avoid responsibility for the current situation?

    We know that those at the top ALWAYS seek to sidestep responsibilityand apportion blame elsewhere…seldom do those in charge accept that their abilities or actions are to blame for whatever situation has failed.

    Steve Beynon allegedly stated that the buck stops at the Deputy Director …..!! Hence she has gone. Great isn’t it when you draw the line where you want the responsibility to stop and not where it actually stops.
    How does Ian Anderson avoid responsibility…? and in a broader consideration, how does the Cabinet avoid responsibility for the decisions taken previously that impact this dreadful position?

    I sincerely hope that the people of this Island can see clearly that the buck stops at the TOP and not almost at the top…and they can also see that this derives out of a failed management and philosophy that has seen savage cuts to services and from which issues of child protection have been affected.
    May the 2nd beckons but let us be under no illusion there is inept mismanagement and failed policies to consider when placing a cross in the box. Another 4 years of this administration will prolongue and worsen the plight of this Island…it is a matter of urgency we get the change of administration that this Island must have, wants and also deserves..


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