Show your love for planet at Friday’s Isle of Wight Youth Strike say young campaigners

Youth Strike 4 Climate members are encouraging Islanders of all ages to join them tomorrow (Valentine’s Day) to show their love for the Isle of Wight (and planet)

planet in the shape of a loveheart

Youth Strike 4 Climate (YS4C IOW) are a group of young people from right across the Isle of Wight “who love, care and strike for our beautiful Island and our beautiful planet”.

Tomorrow (Friday) on Valentine’s Day they’re calling on Islanders to get involved in the latest Youth Strike for Climate event.

A positive strike – without negative doomsday imagery
Anya Poerscout-Edgerton from YS4C IOW explains,

“Valentine’s day beckons, and this Valentine’s, we want to unite the Island, in the one thing we all know and love: this majestic Isle of Wight of ours.

“This upcoming strike is to be a positive one, without the negative, doomsday imagery that may spring to mind when your think of a stereotypical environmental movement. Anyone from ages 1 to 101 can get involved.”

Come together
Tomorrow YS4C IOW will strike for the climate in St Thomas’ Square, Newport, at 11am.

Anya continues,

“We are calling on people to strike with us in Newport. We need as many people there as possible to wish a happy Valentine’s to our wonderful environment, and push for the world to show it some more love. 

Anyone and everyone is welcome, from 1 to 101: everyone lives on this planet, and everyone can love it. School children can write to their school and be excused from lessons to strike.”

Love letter to the planet
YS4C are also encouraging school children, local artists and creatives, or anyone who lives or works on the Island, to write, draw, paint, photograph or design their own “love letter to our planet and our Island”, with the chance to have it displayed at the Independent Arts People’s Pop-Up Gallery.

Anya says,

“This is a fantastic opportunity for young and upcoming artists to connect to Island residents from all walks of life, and unite us with their art that represents this amazing Island in all its glory. 

“All art must be handed in at the strike on Valentine’s day (11am at St Thomas’ Square, Newport).”

Follow YS4C IOW on Twitter or Instagram.

Image: emily792872 under CC BY 2.0

Thursday, 13th February, 2020 3:44pm



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There are plenty of ways to campaign about your environment that don’t involve unauthorised absence from school. The value of education should not be underestimated and to attempt to undermine it in this way shows very poor judgement.

Steve Goodman

As the UN Secretary General said last year: “These(striking) schoolchildren have grasped something that seems to elude many of their elders. We are in a race for our lives, and we are losing. We no longer have the luxury of time, and climate delay is almost as dangerous as denial.”

It wasn’t schoolchildren’s poor judgement and denial that undermined our life support system.

It was the hydrocarbon based economy that gave them their lifestyle, mobile phones, the internet, modern medicine etc simply deriding the past is a pathetic cop out! Striking for what? The planetary ecosystem is now better understood as a result of all of those things and it’s the students who appreciate the value education and study that really represent the best hope for the future not a… Read more »
Governments are continuing to subsidise the fossil fuel industry and allowing oil drilling to happen. It doesn’t matter how many trees are planted: fossil fuels, ecosystem destruction and industrial agriculture, along with everything else, will shorten our lives. Children have every right to protest: these are exceptional circumstances. Everybody should be protesting, before our current government do away with our human right to protest. Because that’s on… Read more »
Mark L Francis

Hope there is a bigger trurnout than the “No Wind Farms in Wellow” jacquerie that kept our fair land safe from the scourge of green energy.
I hear some of them artists can get pretty lethal with their palette knives…
(yeah – I had to look up “jacquerie ” too.)


Child action, child minds, fortunately they will grow out of it with life and experience and will then be able to join the adults with adult minds and write comments like this. Yes there’s always a few that don’t seem to learn ,quite a few on here.


OK boomer.


No probs snowflake.