Meteorologists have ‘high confidence’ it was a tornado that hit Cowes

Meteorologists say that radar images of last night’s weather, combined with the damage reports, give them high confidence that it was a tornado that hit Cowes

meteogroup radar image of tornado

Meteorologists who have analysed radar images say they have ‘high confidence’ the Isle of Wight did experience a tornado last night (Wednesday).

MeteoGroup – a private weather organisation based in Europe – have shared this radar image, which has been studied by Jamie Russell from Isle of Wight Met Service.

Jamie told OnTheWight,

“That tiny slot (within the arrows) with less precipitation is indicative of circulation.

“The slot here can be seen near to Freshwater. The slot moved NE or ENE towards Cowes and out into the Solent.”

“High confidence it was a tornado”
He went on to say,

“A gap in a line of precipitation or a squall line can often be indicative of circulation.

“So that combined with the damage reports gives me high confidence that it was a tornado.”

Image: © MeteoGroup

Thursday, 13th February, 2020 1:49pm



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Benny C

Don’t tell IOWC, they’ll probably use it as an excuse to explain why the chain ferry isn’t running. Dave Stewart claims that its 95% reliable. He says that by removing the periods when its not running properly from the calculation he can prove that thanks to his regime it’s running well. IDoh.