Traffic lights on Forest Road petition almost 7,000 strong

A month since the fatal incident, the Isle of Wight council has not put any traffic calming measures in place, despite another incident in the same spot.

traffic lights

A petition launched following the fatal road traffic incident on Forest Road last month has attracted almost 7,000 signatures.

Created by young Islander, Cameron Palin, the petition calls for the Isle of Wight council to install traffic lights at the junction of Forest Road with Betty Haunt Lane.

Last week, another incident took place at the same junction, with two passengers have to be freed by firefighters.

Many Islanders have concerns
Cameron told OnTheWight,

“After a month and one day since the accident took place the Isle of Wight council has still not made an attempt to address or publicly discuss this public safety issue.

“There are many comments on the petition from Island residents raising their concerns, even an East Cowes driving instructor, who said he did not like taking his pupils there.

“A fatality has occurred and this has to be addressed urgently followed by an Islandwide review into traffic calming measures.”

Presenting petition to IWC
Cameron is hoping the petition will be received by the Isle of Wight council at the next full council meeting in July.

At their Annual Meeting, the full council last night voted to change the way petitions are received by members of the public.

Full details of the changes are listed in our earlier article.

Image: oatsy40 under CC BY 2.0

Thursday, 16th May, 2019 5:37pm



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It doesn’t need lights. What it does need is broader carriageways and visibility splays similar to the Watery/Bathingbourne lane cross roads, also needs another at the south end of Rowlands lane. It won’t happen because this requires a bit of imagination from our council!


“Happycloud” has made a valid observation.
As you come along Whitehouse Road towards Forest Road it can look as if the road carries on into Betty Haunt Lane. If you know the road/junction then you are aware that it doesn’t continue.
Depends on many things, time of day, visilbility, light, sunshine etc etc.
HGV’s also have to use both lanes to turn left or right.

Highway to Hell

It’s OK, when Island Roads have finished their initial investment period, all the roads will simply crumble away and you won’t be able to go more than 15MPH without fear of wrecking your suspension.


Could also think about a round a bout as an option?.
It would slow traffic down.

Visibilty is not good on many roads at the moment due to the greenery growth.
Years ago farmers used to keep hedges trimmed but of course we don’t have as many farmers these days.

Benny C
Dithery dithery diddles . Temporary measures could have been installed overnight which would make some improvement and could save a life. They needn’t be permanent, or perfect, even if they are over engineered no one will mind, they might prevent further injury or tragedy, and protect Councillors from the risk of a death on their hands, while we wait for Dinosaur Dave Stewart to opine. But he… Read more »
It probably would have to be smart traffic lights (Forest Road priority with the weight of cars on the side roads triggering a short light cycle) due to the hill on Forest Road and cars stopping to turn right. It is an extremely dangerous intersection over many years. For all of the people who say ‘just learn to drive’ – I don’t think you understand about the… Read more »

Even Bob Seely has described our island roads as 19th century and therein lies the problem. We have large, fast 21st century vehicles trying to use what are to some extent tarmacked over cart tracks, our roads need to be be upgraded to mainland standards on safety grounds alone.

While I entirely agree with your point about safety, bigger and better roads would just encourage people to go even faster. The traffic is already fast enough thanks all the same. Perhaps the Island should look at introducing some measures that limit the size, speed and power of vehicles. The effects of climate change are becoming more apparent with each passing day, we must pay attention to… Read more »
I had reason to be on Whitehouse Road last night, parked my car just along from the Forest Road junction and walked back towards Forest Road. There are two give ways signs on approach to the junction but looking ahead is very deceptive – you cannot see the gap that is Forest Road in the hedges – the colours are all the same and it looks like… Read more »

What a load of twaddle !… both forest and Whitehouse roads need traffic claiming measures like pinch points traffic from cowes is using Whitehouse and forest road as rat runs the traffic has become more heavier on them thus needs to slow speed of traffic


Traffic to and from Cowes has used Whitehouse Road as a way of avoiding morning and evening traffic for years, this is nothing new!