VB Flickr Group Picture of the Week

Oblivion Heads gets this week’s award.

VB Flickr Group Picture of the WeekWe missed part two of our VB Flickr Group Picture of the Week on Friday last week, so making a late entry now.

We absolutely love this shot of a model drake by Oblivion Head (aka Richard). The colours and 70s feel of the shot took us instantly back to memories of reading The Magic Finger by Roald Dahl.

Richard has many other excellent shots which you can also purchase online if any take your fancy.

Check out the latest shots on theVB Flickr Pool as well.

Monday, 22nd March, 2010 5:44pm


ShortURL: http://wig.ht/26Nv

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2 Comments on "VB Flickr Group Picture of the Week"

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Why would anyone want to pay for someone else’s snapshots?

The Good Fairy

Why ever not, if you like it, and it frames well, why not, more honest than simply lifting it from the web, but most good photographer resize pics on the web to prevent this anyway. Nice photo Oblivion head, :)