Ventnor Botanic Garden: Expressions Of Interest Invited

The council invite ‘expressions of interest’ in the disposal of the Ventnor Botanic Garden.

Anyone scouring the pages of the local paper this morning might see the advert fr the disposal of the Ventnor Botanic Garden.

AdvertFollowing the delegated decision made last week by Cllr Barry Abraham, cabinet member for Fire, Culture and Residents Services, to dispose of the Ventnor Botanic Garden, the advert, placed in the official notices section of the paper, invites ‘expressions of interest’ in relation to the disposal of the 29 acre site.

Tourist, scientific and environmental potential are highlighted as selling points with closing date for applications 12,pm, 11 November 2011.

Those concerned that the disposal may lead to public access disappearing one of the conditions relating to the Garden’s future is that reasonable levels of public access are maintained.

That is, unless the consent of BIG (Big Lottery Fund), give consent to change the conditions.

Anyone interested should get in touch with Astrid Davies on

There you go! Another free advert for the council.

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Friday, 7th October, 2011 10:03am



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  1. playingthenumbers

    7.Oct.2011 11:37am

    Barry Abraham – Eric Pickles, separated at birth?

    BA is cutting IW council budgets, reducing workforce, privatizing services, selling off assets & undertaking council restructures – because, he says, the economic crisis.

    EP cut Bradford Council budget by £50m, reduced council staff by a 1/3, privatized council services & undertook departmental changes – in light of NO economic crisis at time he was in charge.

    In the politics of envy, does Barry resent not having risen so far as Eric, and are we going to have to pay the price?

  2. Alan Mansell

    7.Oct.2011 11:56am

    Oh I love the use of the legal weasel word “reasonable.” Reasonable access leaves it open for a huge range of interpretation as to what is actually reasonable. For example opening for a charity event once a year may be deemed reasonable or charging £15 for entrance may be reasonable. Take your pick.

  3. This Council seem to enjoy shooting themselves in the foot as the decision to sell the Botanic Gardens will probably be unpopular with the majority of island voters. It was never mentioned in their bogus 2009 manifesto and in my opinion is just another stain on their awful record.

    I suppose Pugh and this daft lot are being quite generous in some ways as they’re offering the opposition plenty of ammunition to fight the next local election.

  4. Wight Essence

    7.Oct.2011 4:36pm

    Once all the public assets have been flogged off, this Council will in the future find themselves in a position where there is nothing left to sell.

    Selling assests can only be a short term solution to finding extra money although it could prove to be disastrous for the island in the long term.

    Harold McMillan got it right and saw the pitfalls of selling public assets many years ago when he said in the House of Lords “Don’t sell off the family silver”, and he was a Tory.

    • invisible man

      7.Oct.2011 6:19pm

      selling assets makes a little money, but also eliminates operating costs. therefore it is a saving that will continue into the future. Of course, if everything gets flogged off and the council is running nothing, then there is no point in having a council and it will too disappear. which will lead to the greatest saving of all as we wont have to pay for councillors allowances, PFI (Pretty F***ing Incompetent) schemes, and of course Steve Benyons insulting ridiculous salary.

      But we will have to take our own rubbish to the tip (which will be closed), run our own libraries (which will be closed), teach our own kids, and of course hire private doctors any time we have a sniffel.

      As for being disastrous for the island, how? Its a garden. The Great Fire of Newport would be disastrous, not selling off a garden.

  5. Wight Essence

    7.Oct.2011 11:49pm

    When profit comes before providing good public services, then the economy and majority of the public suffer. Until we have a bottom up type of society instead of one that is top down, boom and bust will continue for years to come.

    • invisible man

      8.Oct.2011 11:01am

      its not about profit. its about debt. The council, through their own incompetent financial management, is having to find around £10 million extra savings on top of what the government is imposing.

      If its a choice between providing essential public services whilst staying in the black, or providing non-essential services like the garden whilst going into the red the I know which I prefer.

      Do you go out and buy a new car if you dont have enough money to pay for running it?

      Unfortunately, the answer from a lot of people is Yes. Maybe thats why the world is in this mess. Yorkshire men have it right. you dont get owt for nowt, and if you havnt got it then dont spend it.

      • Steve Goodman

        8.Oct.2011 5:22pm

        It’s also about the council wanting to make us pay about an extra £4 million p.a. by switching to a 25 year discredited PFI road contract.

        (Which would be needed to replace the present grant element of the £8M+ continuing cost to us).

        And this has to be paid before other non- contract expenses for services or anything else we might deem more important over the next quarter century.

        And the final cost to us cannot be specified.

  6. Derk Smalls

    8.Oct.2011 9:05am

    What is staggering, just staggering, is the way you all just let these things happen. Barry Abrahams, the cabinet, the council officers, they are just giving sighs of relief as each of the people’s assets are simply given away…and no one does a damn thing about it.
    Where is the facebook campaign? Where is Simon Goodenough saying this is all wrong?What are the gardens society doing?


    If you dont stand up to these thieves they’ll take it all and you have no one to blame but yourselves.

  7. I cannot understand why the Island population are so docile,while all around them the Island’s social infrastructure and fabric is being dismantled by these Government vandals.

    The Government is wanting to save £6 billion pounds nationally this year,while it has just thrown £75 billion as the first tranche of many at the banks. If ever a cause for revolution by the people this is it and this is the time! Wake up people!

  8. Such litle imagination everyone?
    I think Robert Thomson should buy it but this time it should be at least £2.
    We can install a cable car to Steephill Cove, and build a 4 lane highway to the Baech with plenty of parking, and a big wheel which can call the Ventnor Eye, and have Dukmobile Trips along the Coast surfacing at Orchard Bay, and actors posing Customs Officers in waiting to re-enact the biggest UK drug haul, and then redevelop the Buddle Inn to become a 100 bedroom Hotel, and build an underground train to Blackgang Chine from there to add to a unique Tourist Experience.
    Any offers?

  9. Simon Goodenough

    17.Oct.2011 6:35pm

    Totally heart-breaking. Pugh, Brown and Beynon hang your heads in shame.

    Somebody once said “forgive them they know not what they have done” – in this case yes they bloody well did, they have set the IW back by years between them. I hope they enjoy their luxuriously refurbed offices whilst they can!

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