Victoria & Abdul: Visit Isle of Wight invests hoping for tourism boost

The Universal feature film, Victoria & Abdul, could prove to be a great boost for Isle of Wight tourism in the coming weeks and months. Watch this behind the scenes trailer.

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The Universal Pictures feature film, Victoria & Abdul, opens in cinemas later this week. Visit Isle of Wight and their partners are hoping that the film will help boost visitors to the Island in the coming months and year.

David Thornton of Visit Isle of Wight explained to OnTheWight how the Island had been marketed from the back of the film.

He said,

“VIOW has spent £59,000 promoting autumn breaks on Victoria’s Island this autumn, and our Solent travel partners and others have provided additional activity, billboards and online media adding up to well over £200,000 of activity in total.

“Last week saw excellent features in The Sun and The Telegraph. In selected cinemas in London and the south a short advert for the Island plays before the feature film, which opens on 15th September.”

Behind the scenes
Universal have shared this little snippet today ….

Image: © Universal

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Wednesday, 13th September, 2017 7:52am



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  1. kjdaniells

    13.Sep.2017 11:30am

    This is just proof that Visit Isle of Wight is not in touch with reality. £59,000 to help promote a FILM, that is going to feature the Island anyway. The only people to benefit from this advertising will be English Heritage and Red Funnel. This money was raised last year under the WightBID scheme and should have been used to promote the Island at the end of 2016 – start of 2017 to bring guests over THROUGHOUT the year. Not just the end of it.

    THEN, on top of that, they have squandered £50,000 giving funding to Festivals. In what way does that help accommodation providers and people paying the Levy – IT DOESN’T.

    THEN IT GETS WORSE. Most accommodation providers decided to not advertise in a paper guide, so refrained from spending money on it. However, £10,000 was given to the Chamber of Commerce of Levy Payers money to help with the promotion of that.

    When is this madness going to end. We are dealing with some accommodation providers that are in floods of tears because of the down turn in their business levels for 2017. They don’t know how they are going to get through the month, let alone the winter.

    Visit Isle of Wight has a lot to answer for and I think it is about time people start asking the questions

    1. Where are the promised Management Accounts are that Levy payers were promised.

    2. What has the money ACTUALLY been spent on regarding advertising expenditure and where are the receipts to back this up.

    3. Where are the figures that are normally published relating to Tourism Statistics?

    We need to shout out about how bad the season has been for Service Accommodation Providers, not sweep it under the carpet and pretend everything is OK. It is anything but. We need to shout out about how bad the season has been for Service Accommodation Providers, not sweep it under the carpet and pretend everything is OK. It is anything but.

    So to summarise £119,000 used to promote VERY target audiences. The WightBID allegedly raised around £320,000 for promotion of the Island, but we can’t be sure because no figures have produced. However, even if that was the case, the above 3 areas of advertising expenditure account for 37% of the budget. HIGHLY EFFECTIVE – not.

  2. DebbieUptheRoad

    19.Sep.2017 5:25pm

    I think the businesess, are misguided in venting their anger at VIOW. There will always be good seasons & bad seasons, it’s the same with ANY business whether tourist related or not .

    When there is a downturn, you have to up your game & sometimes that involves spending more money on advertising/marketing, not less.

    Even a couple of column inches of FREE editorial in a national newspaper is worth thousands, so the value of a whole feature may well exceed £100,000. Plus the value (over a straight advert) is enhanced by it being independent.. Add that to the £140,000 contributed by partners…

    They would not likely get that free publicity by just sending in another generic ‘wonderful Isle of Wight’ press release, the media like angles, especially if they are topical/current & this one is spot on.

    Small businesses alone, would be very unlikely to spend that kind of money, yet under the umbrella of VIOW can benefit from economies of scale and the marketing expertise of the staff.

    Levy payers should not expect that VIOW will be their only method of marketing, it is still down to individual businesses to do their bit both online & offline.

    I’m not connected to VIOW in any way but as an ‘outsider’ it seems that they are doing a good job & offer value for money with the limited budget understood to be available.

    I have no knowledge about their accounts, but do agree with you that, along with other membership organisations,eg Chamber Commerce they should be open & transparent about their accounts & spending. I also agree that they should not be handing money over to the Chamber.

    Maybe they need to listen & get more engaged with everybody ? That could be difficult given the numbers involved and diversity of business interests. There are also likely some levy payers who are not interested in co-operation or presenting their own positive ideas for consideration… (not you KJ) The only way issues will get resolved is by both sides having a conversation – not by one side or the other stating their position & expecting the other to blindly accept it as the ‘right thing to do’

    Re festivals – I have no problem with that if it is to temporarily support those that have had previous council funding withdrawn eg Walking/Cycling or to give a leg up to new festivals which in time, will get bums in those beds. (Not everybody likes to camp in a field !)

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