‘We need to act and to do some simple things most of the time and most of us need to do this’, say health leaders

Health leaders say, “We don’t need to be perfect, we don’t need to to do everything all the time. We do need to act and to do some simple things most of the time and most of us need to do this”

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Two Isle of Wight health leaders have added their names to a letter penned by senior clinical leads from across the Region, reminding the general public that the Coronavirus “pandemic is still here”.

“The virus remain infectious and dangerous”
Alistair Flowerdew (Medical Director, Isle of Wight NHS Trust) and Dr Michele Legg (Clinical Chair of Isle of Wight CCG) join other health leaders to say,

“The virus is still in our community. It is in higher numbers now than when this all started from a few people returning from holidays in Italy and elsewhere.

“The virus remain infectious and dangerous. It kills the young, the old, the healthy, the fit, those with ill-health and those in their prime.”

“Nothing has changed, a huge risk remains”
They go on to add that although we are in a place of relative safety, “we must not confuse this with a mistaken view that this is over, that everything has changed”.

The letter says nothing has changed, a huge risk remains,

“We are seeing second peaks elsewhere in the world and the return to lockdown in Leicester”.

“Our Dunkirk moment”
The health leaders say this is our Dunkirk moment.

“When the army was trapped on the beaches of Dunkirk, the authorities and the Navy were unable to rescue them. The ships could not get close to the shore and were too vulnerable to air attack.

“Victory was snatched from complete defeat by the effort of individuals in small pleasure boats coming to the rescue. It was through the actions of the people, individuals acting in the interest of others, that so many lives were rescued.”

“Most of us need to do this”
The letter carries on,

“How many people die prematurely from the disease, how much more damage there is to our economy and futures, how much freedom we lose over the coming months, can swing on some simple things.

“We don’t need to be perfect, we don’t need to to do everything all the time. We do need to act and to do some simple things most of the time and most of us need to do this.”

The ‘wash, walk, wear’ message
The letter finishes by pushing the ‘wash, walk, wear’ message.

“We need to wash our hands as often as possible; walk apart when you can; wear a face covering where you can’t walk apart.

“Walk, walk, wear, will maintain our freedom now, and save lives. We need to support our national leaders, we need to do our bit, only we can.”

Read the letter in full below (click on the image to see larger version).

Covid Zero letter from Senior Clinical Leaders

Image: united nations under CC BY 2.0

Monday, 6th July, 2020 10:39am


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Angela Hewitt
Jon101, you might be talking sense but the way you open up your conversation is off-putting. There are lots of barmy people on Utube and else where and for some it is difficult to tell the difference. And then there are the Trolls. I would reassess the way you write your opening gambit. For instance who are these other doctors speaking out. Naming names that are well… Read more »

Watch Doctor Dan Erickson and Doctor Artin Massihi on Covid-19
( watch?v=ExrrJIcOZ90 ) on youtube

It is not dangerous if the Zelenko Protocol is used within approx 5days of infection.Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) + Zinc + azithromycin .Other doctors NOW speaking out, and yet the MSM are silent. Watch the latest(watch?v=RzqcN6ybfkE) from ‘The Highwire with del bigtree (USER on youtube & others ) titled “Crimes Against Humanity” start watching at 38mins27seconds to 1hr 31mins 40 seconds (longer if you want). There will be ‘accounts’… Read more »

The above can also be used as a prophylactic. HCQ has been around for 65 years and is very cheap, the potential side effects are well KNOWN.
For some reason the establishment want an untested vaccine with unknown side effects that the Manufacturers are protected by law against being held liable for and are set to make BILLIONS of £’s.


the above video is an interview with Dr Zelenko


Oh how I’d missed the tinfoil hat brigade.


What did you disagree with ?


Mostly your insistence on circulating unproven nonsense.https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/zelenko-669-coronavirus-patients/


so you DID NOT watch it. I could discredit everyone you care to post from Ferguson to Gates. Posted below is Video of Sir Patrick Valance and video of Chris Whiffy (subject to clearing approval )


COVID Death Certificate Chief Scientific Adviser – Sir Patrick Vallance
Chriss Whiffy COVID-19 Harmless to Most – at UK Government daily briefing


Yep…the stupid walk amongst us!


Apparently the stupid are unable to write that of which they disagree with in regard to a video. Fancy that, not one reasonable critical comment on the video, For an informed society you need to look at both sides.
Yep…the stupid walk amongst us!


Actually I did reply, but because my reply has a link in it, I am still awaiting the admin approval.


Even if they are?