Flood alert issued for the Isle of Wight

flood alert sign

Water levels in the Eastern Yar are higher than normal, but fairly stable say the Environment Agency

Friday, 17th January, 2020 10:28am

By Sally Perry

Storm Brendan batters Blake’s Longshoremen business

blakes storm damage

Storm Brendan hit the Isle of Wight coastline yesterday and overnight, with one beach concessionaire working through the night to save his business. Did you suffer any damage in your town?

Wednesday, 15th January, 2020 8:45am

By Sally Perry

Flood warning for the Isle of Wight coast issued by the Environment Agency

Flooding in Cowes by Karl Love

The predicted high tide and strong winds expected in the early morning have resulted in a flood warning for the Isle of Wight

Tuesday, 14th January, 2020 12:59pm

By Sally Perry

Isle of Wight weather warning for heavy rain as well as strong winds

rain droplets on window

As well as the weather warning for strong winds, the Met Office has also issued a warning for heavy rain. Details within

Monday, 13th January, 2020 12:58pm

By Sally Perry

80mph gusts expected to cause cross-Solent disruption

windy statue

The weather warning for strong winds has been extended by the Met Office and is likely to disrupt cross-Solent travel early in the week

Sunday, 12th January, 2020 11:40am

By Sally Perry

Wind gusts of up to 80mph expected

woman standing by the seawith hair blowing in the strong wind

Gusts of up to 80mph may hit coastal areas say the Met Office, so expect disruption to cross-Solent travel

Friday, 10th January, 2020 3:47pm

By Sally Perry with one comment

How to avoid burst pipe misery in the upcoming cold snap

frozen pipes and icicles

Southern Water experts are warning householders to make sure their homes - and businesses - are ready for a freeze

Wednesday, 8th January, 2020 11:08am

By Sally Perry

Flood alert extended for the Isle of Wight

lood sign by the side of a flooded road in the south of England

As water levesl rise, flooding is expected in certain areas around the Isle of Wight

Friday, 27th December, 2019 1:47pm

By Sally Perry

Flood Alert in force for the Isle of Wight as more rain is forecast

flood alert sign

Those living on the Eastern Yar and tributaries from Whitwell to Bembridge are warned to 'be prepared' by the Environment Agency

Monday, 23rd December, 2019 11:44am

By Sally Perry

Update on Flood Warning for Gurnard Lock

The situation has changed overnight and the Environment Agency have issued an update to the Gurnard Lock flood warning

Friday, 20th December, 2019 8:20am

By Sally Perry

Flood warning in place for Gurnard on the Gurnard Luck

lood sign by the side of a flooded road in the south of England

Another flood warning from the Environment Agency, this one for the Gurnard area

Thursday, 19th December, 2019 2:09pm

By Sally Perry

Met Office extends weather warning for the Isle of Wight

rain on the window

It's going to stay wet and get wetter over the next few days, so you'll have to scrap plans for a winter barbeque

Thursday, 19th December, 2019 11:51am

By Sally Perry