Flood alert: Immediate action required for residences in Horringford, Langbridge and Alverstone


An update to yesterday's flood alert, with immediate action required for those at Horringford, Langbridge and Alverstone on the Eastern Yar

Monday, 17th February, 2020 11:59am

By Sally Perry

Flood alerts issued for the Isle of Wight as more rain expected

flood alert sign

Flooding is expected to affect land, gardens, cycle tracks and roads including Golf Links Road and Moreton Common Road, Sandown, as well as Gurnard Road Bridge, which will see water flowing deep and fast over the next few hours

Sunday, 16th February, 2020 5:46pm

By Sally Perry

Large turnout for Environment Agency’s flood exhibition

Residents attend the Environment Agency consultation

Cllr Karl Love reports back from the Environment Agency's flood planning consultation and exhibition

Friday, 14th February, 2020 8:03am

By Karl Love

Isle of Wight Met Service issue localised weather warnings

Weather front

A spell of wet and windy weather is expected over the weekend with fairly large rainfall totals in some areas say IW Met Service

Thursday, 13th February, 2020 6:42pm

By Sally Perry

Meteorologists have ‘high confidence’ it was a tornado that hit Cowes

meteogroup radar image of tornado

Meteorologists say that radar images of last night's weather, combined with the damage reports, give them high confidence that it was a tornado that hit Cowes

Thursday, 13th February, 2020 1:49pm

By Sally Perry with one comment

Tornado in Cowes? ‘Yes, I think there was,’ says reader who woke up to find a boat in their garden

Roof tiles gone and boat in garden

This OnTheWight reader's account of the possible small tornado last night sounds pretty scary

Thursday, 13th February, 2020 10:29am

By Sally Perry

‘Did a small tornado hit the Island last night?’ ask Isle of Wight Met Service

tornado and lightning

A boulder - that the Fire Service believe was carried in the wind - smashed into a roof last night and a man was taken to hospital. Could this have been the result of a small tornado?

Thursday, 13th February, 2020 9:45am

By Sally Perry with one comment

Another flood alert issued for the Isle of Wight coast

Flooding in East Cowes

More flooding advice from the Environment Agency for Isle of Wight residents and businesses, especially in Cowes and East Cowes

Wednesday, 12th February, 2020 2:06pm

By Sally Perry

Latest satellite images show weather front ‘resembling look of a hurricane’

Stormy View over Freshwater Bay by Jamie Russell 1

There is a weather front coming in that, from the satellite image resembles the look of a hurricane

Wednesday, 12th February, 2020 12:31pm

By Sally Perry with one comment

Storm Dennis heading to the Isle of Wight for the weekend

Stormy seas by Jamie Russell

The forecast shows the Isle of Wight on course for yet another storm this coming weekend. Details within

Tuesday, 11th February, 2020 4:18pm

By Sally Perry with one comment

Another flood alert for the Isle of Wight coast issued

Stormy Seas at Monks Bay by Jamie Russell

This warning comes into effect during the high tide just past midnight and again around midday Tuesday

Monday, 10th February, 2020 4:42pm

By Sally Perry

Weather station lose thousands of pounds of equipment in Storm Ciara

weather station equipment

Around £4,000 of weather centre equipment disappeared from a secret location whilst Storm Ciara battered the Isle of Wight yesterday

Monday, 10th February, 2020 1:01pm

By Sally Perry with one comment