Weekly number of positive Isle of Wight Coronavirus test results and deaths: 23rd November 2020 (updated)

News OnTheWight shares the weekly results of confirmed positive Coronavirus tests and deaths on the Isle of Wight

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The Office for National Statistics reveals that in week 46 there were two new deaths where Coronavirus (Covid-19) was registered as the cause of death.

Week 46 covers deaths that occurred up to 13th November 2020 but were registered up to 21st November 2020. This means the cumulative total is 95.

Deaths: Where C19 named on death certificate
The figure of 95 cumulative deaths was made up of 46 deaths in hospital, three deaths at home, one at the hospice and 45 deaths in care homes.

This figure is for the entire period, not just where positive test was in the last 28 days.

The total number of deaths since the start of the pandemic of people who had a positive test result for Covid-19 and died within 28 days of the first positive test is 80.

Hospital admissions
Latest figures from NHS England show that St Mary’s Hospital in Newport saw 16 admissions of patients testing positive for Covid-19 between 9th and 15th November.

As of 17th November there were three mechanical ventilation beds being occupied by patients who have tested positive for Covid-19.

These figures will be updated on Thursday 26th November.

Positive test results
From Tuesday 17th to Monday 23rd November the number of positive Coronavirus (Covid-19) tests on the Isle of Wight increased by 80, a rate per 100,000 population of 56.74.

Since Monday 23rd November the number of positive Coronavirus (Covid-19) tests on the Isle of Wight has increased by six, a rate per 100,000 of 60.99.

This brings the cumulative total to 934, a rate per 100,000 population of 662.41. The latest R number for the South East remains at 1.1-1.3.

Age breakdown
The table below shows the breakdown and difference in five-year age groups of positive Covid-19 tests between 10th-16th and 17th-23rd November.

Age10-16 Nov17-23 NovDifference

Live map
An interactive map now shows how many ‘cases’ per area of the Island.

Test results for those from the mainland using the IW Test Centre are not included in the figures for the Island.

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4.50pm 24th Nov 2020 – Latest daily figures added

Source: ONS (weekly deaths), NHS England (hospital admissions), Covid Dashboard (daily cases and age breakdown)

Image: United Nations under CC BY 2.0

Tuesday, 24th November, 2020 11:56am


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Stuart George

How can you have a total of minus 6 in the 15-19 age group for the week 10-16 Nov?