New Isle of Wight Conservative Association Deputy Chairman resigns after just one week

One of the newly-elected Isle of Wight Conservative Association’s Deputy Chairmen has already resigned – one week in. Wendy Murwill didn’t even make it as far as the first Officers’ meeting.

wendy murwill

Less than a week after being voted in as Deputy Chairman (Membership & Fundraising), Wendy Murwill has stepped down – before the first Isle of Wight Conservative Association (IWCA) Officers’ meeting had even been held.

Less than a week
As reported by OnTheWight, Wendy stepped into the role at the Annual General Meeting on 29th March when the new 2018 IWCA Executive was picked. The Officers met for the first time last Friday (6th April). A week later.

No reason was given for the resignation OnTheWight understands.

OnTheWight attempted to contact Wendy this morning. As we couldn’t find any contact information for her, we went via the only route we could find, her husband’s official Isle of Wight email address – Michael Murwill is one of the councillors (Conservative) for Brading, St Helens and Bembridge – but at the time of writing we hadn’t heard back.

The unexpected vacancy will, OnTheWight understands, be filled by co-opting someone into the position at the next meeting of the IWCA Executive Council.

Update 11 Apr 18: Made it blatantly clear why we had to try and contact Wendy via her husband.

Tuesday, 10th April, 2018 9:35pm



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Email updates?
I do not believe it

Gosh! What a shock! The corrosive ‘Pugh’ effect at work again?

You’ve got to wonder what ‘The Pugh’ is planning that is so bad that died in the Wool Tories are getting out of Dodge! They stuck around last time until it became impossible to justify his actions.. this time they are running for the hills before he even starts his diabolical plan (Obviously joking here, cos he wouldn’t do anything to bring the party or the Island… Read more »
the auditor

The Night of the Long Knives …………..


That did not take long for the boy wonder’s charm to start working did it.Just wonder how many more will be on there way out


She probably got out quick before our poor school children return next week…….. to one of the worst performing educational areas in the country that her Chairman is responsible for!

Did we ever discover which of Cllr Whitehouse’s “several colleagues” he was referring to when he assured us that they, too, would refuse to work with The Boy? They have all been remarkably quiet since. Of course, even Whitehouse has stepped back from the brink enough to avoid having to do anything drastic, like resign from the Party. If their lips move, they’re … (word omitted before… Read more »
Mark L Francis

Is it true that the Germans have no word for “Schadenfreunde” ?

Rupert Besley

Quite right, they don’t. But they do have a very similar looking word, without the second ‘n’. (Cue a million downvotes for snottily correcting someone else’s typo.)

Geoff Brodie

Why contact her via her husband ? Is she subservient to him ? I know my partner would be offended to be contacted via me


…but interesting that the lady did not feel it either necessary or polite to provide a contact. Just part of the screen of Tory Transparency, presumably.


Whenever I post a comment referring to Cllr Whitehouse an alarm rings in Sally/Simon’s office and it gets instantly “moderated”. Now why would that be?
And how come this news item, #4 on the News page, has disappeared from the “Latest News” listing?

Sally Perry

This article now sits in the MORE TOP NEWS slider on the home page because we have published ten stories since.

That’s how it works, news gets pushed down the line when more news is published.

As for your comment moderation, it was the use of a particular word that meant the software automatically moderated your comment.