Where’s that update on the Cowes Floating Bridge Isle of Wight council?

The Isle of Wight council previously said they would update Islanders “by the end of the week” about the non-working Floating Bridge. It’s past 6pm on Friday and there has still been no update

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It’s now gone 6pm on Friday – past when most people consider to be the end of the working week – and there is still no word from the Isle of Wight council on when users of the Cowes Floating Bridge – and the businesses that rely on it for trade – can expect to see its return.

Earlier this week the Isle of Wight council said they hoped to provide an update at the end of the week on when the Bridge – which has been out of action for 24 days – might return to service.

Yesterday a spokesperson for the council told News OnTheWight that an update would be issued today (Friday).

Unanswered questions
News OnTheWight put 15 questions to the Isle of Wight council about the Floating Bridge this week and yesterday they claimed it was difficult to answer many of the questions, so chose instead not to answer any.

Cllr Ian Ward, the cabinet member in charge of transport, denied claims that new parts could take up to 30 weeks to arrive, but he also failed to answer whether it could take up to eight weeks.

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Friday, 7th August, 2020 6:03pm


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The spin department in County Hall (aka the press department) was in sparkling form earlier in the week with a stupendous press release. Maybe he’s just having a lie down after exhausting himself.


Put your hand up if you believe:
in fairies,
that ‘free beer tomorrow’ will ever become today,
or that politicians will ever give complete and straightforward answers (or any at all) to any questions.
I thought not. I cannot see one hand raised.
However, the questions should still be asked, or they’ll simply take advantage.


You couldn’t make it up if you tried

The reason that the council remain silent on the issue is that they haven’t the faintest idea of what to do. It must be crystal clear to anyone with half a brain that Floating Bridge 6 is a disastrous failure but admitting to that would not make them look good and jeopardise their chances of being re-elected, so they stick their fingers in their ears and chant”la… Read more »

I think the business’s that rely on trade from the floating bridge went bust ages ago.


Whilst I agree wholeheartedly with the ongoing disenchantment with the island’s farcical floating bridge, it is important it doesn’t become a smoke screen for some of the more despicable policies about to be hoisted on our island community by the present self serving political administration in County Hall and Nationally.


Whatever happened to the Isle of Wight Council being an Open, Honest, Truthful and Transparent organisation?
Ah, I remember, it was in a nightmare.

Well done On the Wight for continually keeping us up to date and the comments. I saw a brief update on south today last week. This needs much more publicity, it is outrageous that this has being going on for so long, it is not as if you are some remote uninhabited Island, this will affect your tourist trade at the least and working people who need… Read more »

Forget the tourists residents are the priority.


Not for this council.


I am not a number, I am a free floater!


I have just one word on this sad bridge topic… Prevaricators.