Young people encouraged to reach out for help

Young people experiencing mental health issues are encouraged to reach out on World Mental Health Day and seek help from the Isle of Wight Youth Trust.

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Isle of Wight MP, Bob Seely, has joined forces with the Isle of Wight Youth Trust to promote youth mental health this World Mental Health Day.

Honest and courageous role models
Bob, who met with members of the Island Youth Mental Taskforce to hear their first hand experiences and listen to proposals for improvement of mental health services on the Isle of Wight, said he will be championing youth mental health going forward.

“The people I met from the Youth Trust were some of the most impressive I have met in a long time. They were honest and courageous; role models for not just young people but all people. I would also like to thank all those who support the Youth Trust.

“I support the work of the Youth Mental Health Taskforce and the Youth Trust. They do important work. Despite improvements, there can still be a stigma around mental health issues. I was saddened to learn on my visit that 50% of young Islanders would feel uncomfortable or very uncomfortable talking to others about it.

“There is work to be done and I’m pleased the council has recognised this and recently appointed a mental health champion in Cllr Clare Mosdell to look at services and how to improve them. I know Clare will do a great job.”

Reach out for help
Mairead Healy, Executive Director of the Youth Trust thanked the MP for his support and encouraged young Islanders who are facing emotional difficulties to reach out for help.

“We would like to thank Bob for meeting with our Youth Mental Health Ambassadors and are proud to have him onboard as a champion of youth mental health.

“Our Ambassadors have been clear in expressing that youth mental health services need to be more individualised to meet the mental health needs of young Islanders and that a one-size-fits-all approach simply does not meet their needs.”

She further added,

“This World Mental Health Day, we would like to let our young people know that the Youth Trust is not only here to listen, but is also fighting to ensure that our young people have access to the best mental health services possible.

“We encourage any young person who is having difficulties with their mental health or emotional wellbeing to reach out and speak up. Whether that means talking to your parents, your friends, your GP, or a dedicated mental health service such as the Youth Trust, it’s important to know that you are not alone in facing whatever issues you might be experiencing.”

Don’t feel ashamed
Rosie, who is one of the youth mental health Ambassadors also said on behalf of the Youth Trust taskforce, said,

“Young people should not feel ashamed about seeking help for mental health issues. A lot of young people are afraid to come forward because they think they might not be believed or will be passed on to the wrong service.

“We think it is really brave to seek help when you are struggling. But it is equally important that when young people reach out, that they get the appropriate help they need for the appropriate length of time.”

Tuesday, 10th October, 2017 8:53am



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