Isle of Wight 2017 General Election: A landslide

The Isle of Wight has spoken. The new Isle of Wight MP has been announced and Labour saw its highest vote since 1959, almost doubling the 2015 results.

bob seely

The Isle of Wight has spoken and Conservative candidate, Bob Seely has won the seat in the 2017 General Election with 38,190 votes – that’s 51.28% of the vote (jump to other results).

High Sheriff Ben Rouse announcing the results

High Sheriff, Ben Rouse, made the announcement to a hushed room.

A former spin doctor for the Conservatives, who served in Iraq in the Territorial Army, Bob is also an Isle of Wight councillor for Central Wight.

In his acceptance speech, he paid tribute to former Isle of Wight Conservative MP, Andrew Turner.

Turnout on the Isle of Wight was 67.38%, up just 4,276 from 2015.

bob reading his speech

The results for the other candidates was:

2nd – Julian Critchley – Labour: 17,121
3rd – Vix Lowthion – Green: 12,915
4th – Nicholas Belfitt – Liberal Democrat: 2,740
5th – Daryll Pitcher – UKIP: 1,921
6th – Julie Jones-Evans – Independent: 1,592

Comparisons with 2015 election
An analysis of the numbers in comparison with the last election (2015).

Bob gained 9,599 votes on top of Andrew Turner’s 28,591 ending up with 38,190 votes. That’s a gain of around 33% extra votes.

Labour nearly doubled their vote moving from 8,984 to 17,121, putting on 8,137.

UKIP lost 12,967 votes, dropping from 14,888 to 1,921. That’s nearly a 90% drop.

Green gained 3,511 votes on top of the 9,404 from 2015 ending at 12,915.

Lib-Dem nearly halved their vote dropping 2,495 votes from the 5,235 of 2015, to 2,740.

Rejected ballot papers
The number of ballot papers rejected was as follows:
A – want of an official mark: 5
B – voting for more Candidates than voter was entitled to: 26
C – writing or mark by which voter could be identified: 6
D – being unmarked or wholly void for uncertainty: 58

If you missed our live coverage last night, you can catch up with the blow-by-blow action.

Image: Allan Marsh

Friday, 9th June, 2017 3:03am



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Excellent result for Bob and the Tories, very promising for Julian and Labour.

Green Party, over 80% of islanders don’t want you.


hopeless to explain mathematics to you

Steve Goodman
? The good result for Bob doesn’t stop the national Tory result being something very much other than excellent, despite all the support from their wealthy doners and rabid press friends; our new hung parliament obviously means that we are now even less ‘strong and stable’ because of Mrs May’s own goal. The result also shows further increased Green support on the Island, which is likely to… Read more »

Congratulations Bob !
You received more votes than all the rest of the Muppets
put together which tells something about the way the Island is thinking.
And tell Mr Thomas that you live in Chillerton and not Nottingham


If the Conservatives manage to form a government expect the results to be quite different next time around, as many of those that voted Tory in this election will be dead from Tory policy.


Interesting – surprisingly well done by Labour. Shows how a tactical vote can split opposition as well as potentially defeat the Conservatives.

Next election will be tighter I imagine, and that may only be months away.

Disaster for the Tories overall.

Theresa May has backed herself into a very nasty corner. She called this election expecting a massive majority so she could go to the EU claiming she had the full backing of the British people (that, and the ability to ram more austerity down our throats without opposition). She has ended up with no majority at all and a reputation of someone with a serious lack of… Read more »

A convincing win on the Island, over 50%.
The poisoned arrows pointed at Andrew Turner made no difference.
What dirty tactics next? Sadly to be expected.

Theresa May will have no trouble finding a little extra support to help her get on with her job of exiting Europe at last.

The futures bright, the futures red, white and blue (Tory blue)

Why would the political demise of Turner make any difference? He was outed as a homophobe and replaced by someone whom, I hope, has a little more integrity. Theresa May is damaged goods. She has demonstrated a seriously poor lack of judgement in calling this election and will now have to face the EU with her “Strong and Stable” mantra demonstrably proven false. I imagine JC Juncker… Read more »
Robert Jones

In all fairness, it’s not just Mr Juncker who will be giggling like a loon this morning.

Indeed, I must confess to having a chuckle myself. This is almost worse for May than if she’d lost outright. At least, then, she could have done a Brown and slunk away to the back benches. As it is she now has to try to form a Government and negotiate with the EU with this major failure and lack of judgement following her around like a very… Read more »
Billy Builder

what will come first another general election or a second EU referendum ?

Pretty sure there won’t be another Election until after we leave the EU, and there is certainly not going to be another referendum. If I had to guess, I’d say we are likely to end up with a Norway style deal with the EU. That’s about all May could hope to achieve now with her reputation in tatters. This would actually be an excellent result. The leave… Read more »
Steve Goodman
? More accurately: ‘A convincing loss of strength and stability nationally, now under 50%. Andrew Turner shooting himself certainly made a difference to him. What sadly to be expected dirty tactics next from the election expenses fiddling cons? Theresa May had no trouble causing more trouble for the cons and the country, resulting in even less support and probably making her even less qualified to do the… Read more »
iain mckie
Bookies have another election this year at 5/4. I suppose second EU referendum depends on manifesto pledges for the winner of that. Article 50 is reversible legal experts believe, but the Supreme Court has said that it cannot judge until it is tried – they cannot judge on a hypothetical event. The EP has said that it will veto any deal that doesn’t allow for ECJ jurisdiction… Read more »
Don Smith

PM – (?Maggie) T. May scores an own goal – We are now to be governed by the Irish DUP. Well done Maggie May – Now resign, be honourable. At least the foxes will be far more content:-)

Maggie May – the irony! 70,000 happy people on the Isle of Wight will listen to Rod Stewart belt it out on Sunday. Maggie May, the two successive female Prime Ministers. Conservative and DUP alliance. And who are the DUP i hear the cackling classes ask? A direct quote from their manifesto reads: “The Democratic Unionist Party was always a Euro-sceptic party. We opposed the United Kingdom… Read more »
I give her a fortnight. Hark, I hear the rasp of sacrificial knives being sharpened. The fact that the DUP is “Eurosceptic” has very little import. Policies like the privatisation of the NHS and the dementia tax are nothing to do with Brexit and, also nothing to do with the DUP (or shouldn’t be) as they involve devolved powers. Or do you support the idea of foreign… Read more »

Is it too much to hope for that poor little rich girl goes back to her philanthropy and gets off our backs and out of our headlines?
maybe she’ll have enough time and focus now to stop that empty pub falling further into dereliction.

Steve Goodman

Is it too much to hope for that poor spirited little commentators go back to their own miserable spaces, get off our backs, and instead maybe focus on how to improve by becoming more philanthropic themselves?


Get back under your bridge.

Well done Tory voters on the Island and nationally. Now we can all look forward to even more years of austerity. As Amber Rudd said at her QTthere are difficult choices still to be made”. They do not have a magic money tree to give NHS staff a decent pay rise though I know there are many of these in places like the Cayman Islands, the Bahamas,… Read more »
Luisa Hillard

It’s tragic. I really can’t see the appeal, unless you believe every Tory press release is actually factual.

Steve Goodman

Which reminds me that it didn’t seem very difficult to make the QE/ magic money tree choices to bail out a lot of greedy and incompetent bankers (who also use their own digital magic money trees to create money from nowhere as debt), to fund corporate welfare, to help some filthy fracking and fossil fuel friends, and so on.


Maybe, when they are presented with a chip-and-pin device as they lie in A&E, they may reflect that they may have made the wrong choice.

What short memories we have! Issues that hit the national headlines and have significant local impact: Crisis in the Prison service: exacerbated by Tory cuts, and having a significant local impact… Crisis in the NHS: St Mary’s in special measures … with several family members, consultant doctors and nurses giving us an inside picture of exactly how grim it is, to enhance our experiences of the stretched… Read more »

You are like witches round a couldron. Don’t forget Corbyn lost the election. If you are representative of the Labour Party it’s just as well.

Corbyn “lost” the Election, yes, though it’s really a matter of degrees. May, cynically, called this election thinking she would wipe the floor with a Labour party led by the IRA and Hezbollah supporting, nuclear disarming, far left Corbyn. She did not appreciate that more 40 million people were so utterly sick of “austerity”, cuts, cuts, and more cuts and the destruction of the NHS that they… Read more »

Seems the link got placed at the wrong point. It’s well worth reading, however, as it is a list of the 10 DUP MPs that Theresa May will be getting in to bed with in order to remain in power.

Read about their backgrounds and then decide if these are the kinds of people you want pulling out Government’s strings.


Where do you get the figure of 40 million people from? Less than 18 million voted against the Tories


Heh, I meant percent.

The Tories got 42.4% of the popular vote. Labour got 40%

That is exceedingly close, and closer than the number of seats suggest.

Mark L Francis

Squire Bob seems a more attractive candidate than Tigger. You gotta feel sorry for him when May is climbing ono bed with a bunch of raging homophobes. Anyone else notice how well Julian Critchley did? Took Labour up from 4th to 4nd place & doubled the vote. (I am not actually sorry for Turner – just gloating )

Not just homophobes, two of them are ex terrorists (UDF), one had her election campaign actively supported by loyalist paramilitaries, one is an ardent climate change denier and another is a creationist who wanted it taught in schools. The Tories made a big thing about Corbyn’s past association with terrorists, but here is Theresa May climbing into bed with these people right now. Is there nothing this… Read more »
Robert Jones

In short, no: there really isn’t. I think any honest Tory, of whom I believe there to be many, will be horrified by the alliance May has been compelled to make. She is not fit to be prime minister, and I don’t believe she will be for much longer.


There is an article in the IWCP about Seely supporting the arrangement with the DUP.

Seems *he* isn’t one of those Tories you mention.

Interestingly, they have disabled commenting on that article.


I had so much hope …. well done Julian xx



The Isle of Wight has elected a bloke from PR in MTV, who really lives in Nottingham.

*slow hand clap*


Look on the bright side, though. Theresa May is toast.

It is going to be so much fun watching that idiotic and arrogant woman trying to hold a minority government together and hold on to her position.

Popcorn at the ready, this is gonna be good.