White-Tailed Eagles

In August 2019 three pairs of juvenile White-Tailed Eagles (Sea Eagles) were released on the Isle of Wight.

In summer 2020, seven more were released.

Below are articles in which the eagles are mentioned.

Return of the White-Tailed Eagle to the Isle of Wight (photos)

White-Tailed Eagle G324 by Ainsley Bennett

There has been much excitement as G324 appeared back on the Isle of Wight, after spending the last two months in Scotland

Friday, 11th September, 2020 10:27am

By Sally Perry with 2 readers' comments

Seven more white-tailed eagles released on the Isle of Wight: ‘A landmark for conservation of these spectacular birds’

Sea eagles being released

The Isle of Wight was chosen as the location to reintroduce the white-tailed eagles, as it offers an ideal habitat for these coastal loving birds with plentiful sources of food in the surrounding waters

Tuesday, 18th August, 2020 9:25am

By Sue Smith with 4 readers' comments

Watch: Isle of Wight’s white-tailed sea eagles flying high with paragliders

white tailed eagles and paraglider

The footage shows the magnificent beauty of the white-tailed eagles, and the paragliding looks pretty appealing too

Wednesday, 15th July, 2020 5:36pm

By Sally Perry with one comment

Isle of Wight’s white-tailed eagles go wandering: Read about their fascinating journeys

White-tailed Eagle by Ainsley Bennett

The white-tailed eagles have been keen to explore the country after being released on the Isle of Wight last summer. Find out who always comes back

Thursday, 21st May, 2020 8:36am

By Sally Perry with 3 readers' comments

The story of the White Tailed Eagle and the audacious Carrion Crow

The White Tailed Eagle and audacious Carrion Crow by Jim Baldwin

This shot alone provides a great size comparison between the Sea Eagle and Carrion Crow, but the story behind it gave us a little chuckle

Wednesday, 29th January, 2020 12:04pm

By Sally Perry

Isle of Wight shortlisted for top award in BBC Countryfile Magazine Awards: Your votes count

Ventnor beach

The Isle of Wight is up against some stiff competition, so your vote matters. Details within

Friday, 17th January, 2020 10:40am

By Simon Clark

Isle of Wight White-Tailed Eagles: Fascinating insight into the remaining birds

White-tailed Eagle by Ainsley Bennett

Steve Egerton-Read, the White-Tailed Eagle Project Officer on the Isle of Wight for Forestry England shares this latest update

Monday, 23rd December, 2019 11:53am

By Steve Egerton-Read with 6 readers' comments

White Tailed Eagle found dead and ‘Culver’ has disappeared

White tailed eagle

Six White Tailed Eagles were released on the Isle of Wight in August and one has been found dead, whilst the other can longer be tracked

Wednesday, 23rd October, 2019 2:09pm

By Sally Perry with 2 readers' comments

White-tailed eagles: How to spot the six new young birds on the Isle of Wight

White tailed eagle

Forestry England share some great tips on how to spot one of the six White-Tailed Eagles that were recently released on the Isle of Wight.

Sunday, 15th September, 2019 11:37am

By Sally Perry with one comment

Here’s where the other White-Tailed Eagles have been since their release

Sea eagle flying

We've heard about Culver's 680km journey to Essex and back, but what about the other five White-Tailed Eagles? The Project Officer shares an update.

Friday, 13th September, 2019 12:53pm

By Steve Egerton-Read with one comment

Culver, the White-Tailed Eagle, now home from trip to Essex (updated)

White Tailed Eagle on the Isle of Wight

He's been checking out the action in Westminster and then Essex, but the newly arrived White Tailed Eagle is heading home to the Island.

Thursday, 5th September, 2019 6:29pm

By Sally Perry

HD Photos: White Tailed Eagles spotted over the Isle of Wight

White Tailed Eagle on the Isle of Wight

Although there have been many photos of Buzzards shared on social media over the last week, these shots shared with us by Ainsley Bennett are of the newly released White Tailed Eagles.

Friday, 30th August, 2019 11:28am

By Sally Perry with one comment