Alan Wells accuses Nigel Farage of launching ‘knee-jerk political attack’. He responds (Updated)

Read how Alan Wells responded to Nigel Farage’s email of yesterday.

Another salvo in the UKIP/ Isle of Wight Conservative spat was fired yesterday.

Yesterday Alan Wells replied to Nigel Farage’s letter, in connection with the Conservatives accusing a UKIP candidate of falsifying official paperwork.

Alan accused Farage of “launching into a knee-jerk political attack”, making it clear that the declared intention of reporting the matter to the Police will still be going ahead.

Alan Well’s email in full

Dear Mr Farage

It is disappointing that you have not expressed the slightest concern about the impact of this serious matter on Mrs Trevett, who was extremely distressed to find that her name has been used – unbeknown to her – in this manner.

Mrs Trevett has inspected the nomination form which Mr Wilkins has submitted and the signature and handwriting purporting to be hers is false, and was not written by her.

Mrs Trevett has not “changed her mind” or “genuinely forgotten the event” – and it is hugely insulting of you to make such an unfounded suggestion. She is very clear that she did not sign Mr Wilkins’s nomination paper and the false signature she has inspected confirms this to be the case.

It would have been courteous if you had demonstrated some sympathy for this innocent lady who has been caught up in the middle of a false statement being made on your candidate’s nomination papers, rather than launching into a knee-jerk political attack, writing from your European office in Strasbourg.

I trust that you, Mr Wilkins and his agent will accept full responsibility for submitting a false statement on a nomination paper and will issue an unreserved apology to Mrs Trevett for the distress you have caused to her.

It will of course be for the police to investigate whether any criminal offence has taken place, but clearly there will be some explaining to do for how a false signature was submitted on your candidate’s nomination paper.

Yours sincerely

Alan Wells
Association Chairman

Update 14:00

No sooner had we got yesterday’s email between Alan and Nigel published, but the next email arrived, this time from Nigel to Alan, so we’re putting it below to keep them together.

Dear Mr. Wells,

Thank you for your letter, the contents of which I have duly noted.

You have, in your haste to score cheap political points, chosen to ignore the fact that, in his email of 15th. April 2013 @ 15:09, Mr. Wilkins tendered Mrs. Trevett a fulsome apology, which included an offer to repeat the apology in person. I note also that you have chosen not to address in any way the possibility that this signature may have come about because of an act of impersonation. Both those things are matters for considerable regret.

I see no need, in the light of that apology, for either myself or his agent to say more.

Your complaint that I wrote to you from Strasbourg is also a cheap shot. It may have escaped your notice, but, as an MEP, my duties take me to Strasbourg when the so-called European Parliament is sitting. It is from there that I wrote.

As leader of UKIP I am there engaged with the business of getting the UK out of the European Union, a project that has encouraged many hundreds of Tory members to resign from your party (and join UKIP) in disgust at Cameron’s utter failure of leadership on Europe and many who remain quietly to applaud and support (often financially) what we do. Your lot, on the other hand, routinely vote ‘More Europe’ at the slightest opportunity. I do not feel any need to apologise, therefore, for being in Strasbourg and doing what a majority of Britons would wish me to do.

The Police must go about their business, naturally, and if they think this matter worthy of a major investigation, then let them charge him and prove their case. On the other hand the voters on the Isle of Wight might think that police time is better devoted to catching burglars, thieves, rapists and the like: perhaps we should open up a debate on the use of police time on the island as part of this local election campaign?

Perhaps you might let us know.

Yours sincerely

Nigel Farage MEP
South Eastern Counties and Leader of UKIP

Thursday, 18th April, 2013 1:53pm



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  1. LOL. I cannot seriously believe that any candidate would falsify a signature themselves – if they cannot get 10 signatures then what hope would they have of winning an election?

    There are so many strange points to this story that don’t make sense:
    Why did Alan Wells check the nomination paper?
    How did Alan Wells recognise that the signature was fake?
    Why didn’t the candidate actually know the people signing his papers?

    I suspect that the candidate has been the victim of some mischief-making to discredit him and only a thorough investigation will find out if this is the case.

  2. mike starke

    18.Apr.2013 2:26pm

    I would be more impressed by some little corner of this irrelevance if the REAL “Mrs Trevett” would be allowed to stand up and say either: “Yes I did,” or “No I didn’t.”

    Until such time as that happens, this is a non story.

    Meanwhile, two political wonks flapping handbags made out of lettuce leaves at each other across the English Channel is as laughable as it is worthless.

    FYI, Messrs Farage and Wells; we on the Island want to know what any new council will do to repair the damage done to our public services over the past few years. Just so you don’t miss the point; that’s issues that matter to US. Not those that matter to YOU and your favourite pet… your over-inflated egos.

    Your popinjay preening is of no interest whatsoever to anyone outside your own delusions of adequacy.

    Shape up, or ship out, as the military are wont to say.

  3. Mason Watch

    18.Apr.2013 3:48pm

    Keep talking Mr Wells…….. The more you say the bigger the hole. Just how did you know it was allegedly a false signature?

  4. Bystander

    18.Apr.2013 3:59pm

    I’m lovin’ this, go Alan we’re all behind you, stick to your guns, you have him on the run!

  5. Turns out the mrs Trevett is in fact a conservative member ?
    Wonder if that makes any difference ….? Or sheds any light ?

  6. Man in Black

    18.Apr.2013 4:46pm

    PS. No disrespect meant to Mrs Trevett from Newport, but every time I hear her name mentioned I think of Mrs Trellis from North Wales.

  7. just a little one

    18.Apr.2013 5:35pm

    Has Mr Wells checked the nominations for Parish Councillors? Perhaps he should. It has been noted that one leading Conservative on the Island has nominated an Independent Candidate for the Isle of Wight Council for a vacancy on a Parish Council yet not the Conservative Candidate who is also standing for both Isle of Wight Council and Parish Council. I think he needs to get his house in order.

  8. Farage and Wells seem to deserve each other. Very unimpressive.

    As has been said here recently, Wells is doubtless hoping to distract chat away from anything he and his party are actually responsible for.

  9. Davy Jones

    19.Apr.2013 7:20am

    Of course poor Mrs Trevett might soon have other reasons to be distressed. If what Nigel Farage says is right than Mr Wilkins got the false signature when he was out knocking on doors. So he surely had good reason to think the person who signed the form was at least giving the correct address – perhaps they answered the door when he knocked on it!

    Poor sad Mrs Trevett might find it was one of her own nearest and dearest that might be up before the beak, perhaps for playing some sort of joke. And that would then all be down to mismanagement of the situation by Wells.

    A friend in the know says these letters sent in Wells name are written in the Boy Pugh’s style. If Pugh is involved they are both out of their league when taking on Farage.

    Some more free advice for Whinger Wells – don’t put too much trust in Pugh – he’s not as bright as you clearly think he is…

    • I hear it was pugh himself that hand delivered the letter to UKIP Newport shop ?
      also these forms dont have room for address its just sign here and print ? open to any woman signing a womans name ? if you knocked on a door how would you know that was not her name ?
      that system needs reforming i think to stop this nonsense, why do you need 10 people to sign anyway ? and to find out that false one was a tory member anyway ?
      sounds like a plant to me

  10. Mason Watch

    19.Apr.2013 4:45pm

    Let us not forget that Private Pike has experience in the paper handling sector, his previous career in private industry, indeed his formative year was behind the till at Beardsalls! What could possibly go wrong

    • Perceptively remarked, Mason Watch. Pugherile is perhaps rehearsing his door-to-door paper handling skills with a view to having something useful on his CV, to offer a future employer….

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