Anti 5G campaigners protest outside County Hall: Online petition launched

Campaigners say “beaming pulsed millimetre waves at people 24/7 without any chance of escape is a severe breach of human rights and constitutes technological trespass”.

stop 5g outside county hall

Protesters gathered outside County Hall last night to demonstrate against the roll-out of 5G — which they said would damage the environment and endanger human life.

The date was chosen to coincident with the Stop 5G Action day in the United States, arranged by the Citizens for Responsible Technology.

Protesters outside county hall

Protester Tanja Rebel said:

“The insanity must stop and it should start with the Isle of Wight Council putting down its foot here and now.

“Beaming pulsed millimetre waves at people 24/7 without any chance of escape is a severe breach of human rights and constitutes technological trespass.

“5G has no place on the Island.”

The next demonstration will take place on Saturday, 1st June at 1.30pm, in St James’ Square, Newport.

Electro-Sensitivity Day
There will be a further event on Sunday, 16th June, which is ‘Electro-Sensitivity Day’.

Protesters outside County Hall

Tanja said:

“Stop 5G Isle of Wight will not go away until the madness has been stopped. We must protect our children, the vulnerable and the environment from this crime in the making — for that is what it is. ”

Online Petition
An online petition calling for a stop to 5G on the Isle of Wight has also been launched. You can add your signature on the Website.

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