Paul Knights

Paul Knights is an Isle of Wight resident who makes short films.

His work has featured artists, musicians, crafters and more.

See some of his work below.

Watch ‘simulated’ high speed ride around Isle of Wight TT Diamond Races circuit

rider on TT diamond races circuit

Diamond Races: Want to get an idea of what it’s like to zoom around the Isle of Wight TT course? Here's a video that simulates it

Wednesday, 9th September, 2020 8:28pm

By Sally Perry with 2 readers' comments

Video of ride around Isle of Wight shows quite how empty streets are during Covid-19

paul knights quiet street shanklin

Paul had to travel to Newport, then Ryde to pick up some shopping for his mother and captured his motorcycle journey on camera during the Coronavirus lock down

Saturday, 11th April, 2020 8:33pm

By Sally Perry with 6 readers' comments

Watch Paul Knight’s latest short film follows Isle of Wight folk band, Millicent’s Favourite

millicents favourite

Turn your speakers on, sit back for five minutes and enjoy this delightful short film from Paul Knights

Monday, 2nd March, 2020 7:13pm

By Sally Perry with 3 readers' comments

Portrait of an artist: Short film about Isle of Wight artist Jo Bemis

jo bemis on ventnor beach

Just over five minutes, Paul Knights' latest film provides a great insight into artist, Jo Bemis’ creative process

Saturday, 4th January, 2020 10:25am

By Sally Perry with one comment

Portrait of an artist: Short film about Isle of Wight artist James Bemis

james beavis sketching in a field

Just under five minutes long, this delightful film provides a succinct insight into artist, James Bemis's creative process

Monday, 28th October, 2019 4:29pm

By Sally Perry

Wind down from a stressful week with this calming short film

ruth spinning by paul knights

Paul Knights has shared this lovely short film of Ruth (who is blind) being taught how to spin. It's incredibly calming!

Thursday, 4th July, 2019 6:05pm

By Sally Perry with one comment

Watch: Model glider soars above the Isle of Wight for one last time

paul knights glider

This aerial footage hasn't come from a drone, but a model glider, taking once last flight - but not before a little TLC from its owner.

Saturday, 13th April, 2019 5:23pm

By Sally Perry

Did you see a Meteorite falling through the sky last night?


Spotted from Ventnor at around 7.45pm on Sunday night, did anyone else see the meteorite falling through the sky leaving an orange trail?

Monday, 3rd October, 2016 12:15pm

By Sally Perry with 7 readers' comments

Beauty of Blackgang landslip captured from the skies (video)

Blackgang Chine from the air

Sit back and enjoy this beautiful flight over the Blackgang landslip, filmed by Paul Knights onboard his model glider.

Friday, 3rd July, 2015 12:52pm

By Sally Perry with 4 readers' comments