Big Wight Switch: Find out how to reduce your energy bills

A new scheme to help lower residents’ energy bills has launched, but you only have until 22 March to sign up.

At a time when money is tight and living costs seem to be constantly rising, an opportunity to save money on your energy bills is not something to be sniffed at.

Therefore, a new charity-led scheme being delivered with the help of Community Action (you might remember them as IW Rural Community Council) should be of interest to everyone.

The project is called Big Wight Switch. It’s a collective buying scheme that aims to secure lower energy bills for residents across the Isle of Wight.

The idea is that we all sign up to register an interest in switching our energy supplier, be that fuel gas or electricity. Big Wight Switch then approach the energy companies to get a better deal for Island residents.

It’s simple really, by joining together, a lower price can be negotiated, hopefully bringing Island residents’ energy bills down. That’s something we’d all welcome.

Register your interest by 22 March
The project needs around 2,000 residents to sign up before 22 March and given that you’re not obliged to go ahead with the switch unless you choose to, you can’t lose by at least registering your interest.

Big Wight Switch have partnered up with, one of the biggest comparison sites, to deliver the switch. When you’re offered the new deal, they’ll be providing comparisons, so you’ll be able to make sure you really are being offered the best deal on the market.

All who register an interest will qualify for the switch, regardless of how you normally pay your bills, be it by pre-pay meter or Direct Debit.

How to join
The Big Wight Switch is easy to join.

All you have to do is contact them by phone on (01983) 539371 or go online at

You’ll need to give your contact details as well as who your current supplier is, how you pay, along with your current cost per fuel gas and electric.

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