Call for planners to ensure housing is not approved at the cost of a village shop

Claire says losing the village shop has been devastating for the area, “Not just because of the need for a provision of basic goods, but also the community aspect and it being a focal point for the village activities”

Claire Critchison standing on Undercliff Drive

Claire Critchison, Green Party candidate for the local elections in May, has spoken out against the proposed plan to turn Chale only local village shop into housing.

The planning application put forward by Vern Tyerman proposes to turn the former community hub, Chale Green Store and Post Office, into two individual properties

Claire Critchison expressed the loss this shop has had on the village,

“Losing the village shop has been devastating for the area. Not just because of the need for a provision of basic goods, but also the community aspect and it being a focal point for the village activities.”

No to housing at cost of the other facilities
Claire went on to say that they haven’t just lost a vital village shop, but a community facility,

“Housing should not be granted at the cost of the other facilities a thriving village requires. There is a very obvious local need and historic use as there has been a shop on this site for well over 100 years.

“It is part of the identity of Chale Green and intrinsic to the community, it should be a priority to keep it as a village asset. There are bylaws placed on the specially designated area at the front of this site and the plans encroach onto this which is unacceptable.”

Critchison: Would be tragic for Chale to continue as a shopless village
The shop closed back in 2019 after a deal fell through between the owner and Chale Parish Council, which was looking to purchase the freehold to become a community asset.

Claire went on to say It’s loss has had a hug impact on the community,

“It would be tragic for Chale to continue as a shopless village. I am surprised that the current county councillor has not fought harder to ensure it continues.

“If any development were to take place, provision should be made to include a shop in the development.”

Contrary to Island Plan
The Green Party candidate has submitted her formal object to the planning application and has urged the Isle of Wight Council to do all it can to save this community asset.

Claire finally went on to cite the current Island Plan,

“Island Plan policies SP7 travel and DM17 must be considered as not reserving a shop on site will increase car journeys and compulsory purchase of the land should be investigated.”

If you have any questions or want to get in contact with the Isle of Wight Green Party please email them: [email protected]

News shared by Cameron Palin on behalf of the Green Party. Ed

Monday, 18th January, 2021 9:30am



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It would be a huge loss if this shop/cafe were to be replaced by houses. Although I don’t live in Chale this is where I often met friends for coffee. The staff were always cheerful and welcoming.
The little garden was lovely during Spring and Summer. It has all gone now and the owner wants the money.
Please don’t let it happen.

Benny C
Whitwell suffers a similar issue. The problem is folk don’t think that the few pence extra for a local purchase is more than offset by the cost per mile to drive to Tesco ( or even wirsevtonNiton, because the engine will hardly warm up before the journey is over). Moreover, the taste difference between, say, local eggs and the factory rubbish supermarkets have to pump out to… Read more »

Please don’t forget ‘the silly tea shop’.


If the shop is not viable commercially, what is the owner to do? Go bankrupt and live in misery? A community shop might work but who is going to buy it and get no return?

It is up to the owner to make a go of the business, or sell it on and go somewhere else, so someone else can make a go of the business. How many times has that happened with Chale Green Stores? Whenever we were passing through Chale, we would normally stop off and buy stuff, because what they had in store was interesting and good quality. This… Read more »

Perhaps the owners want to sell up, cash in, and retire in their ‘forever home’. And who would blame them? We did similar to move to the IOW and retire….


The only reason the shop would not be viable was because the owner put the rent so high to ensure no one could run it profitably and he could turn it into houses. This has been his plan for years.

Benny C

Ironically it’s equally possible to deliver both with a clever design. This just looks like a cheap job by a pretty limited thinker – churn out the same old same old and let’s not bother to think. Buildings make a 50 year impact for better or worse on their surroundings. At least try to get that bit right!


As a past regular I can attest to that. In the short time the owner took over himself the staff were not happy and because of his rude and grumpy behaviour people thought twice about coming. The most recent occupiers worked very hard to make the place both happy and successful. Then the owner put the rent up so high that they had to leave……..

Benny C
Adapt. Businesses go bust because they don’t have a market. Look at Niton, Brighstone, Arreton, even CoOp Freshwater. Fantastic stores aligned to local needs. Chale wasn’t characterful, it didn’t feel like a country store. It lacked the character needed to become the destination of choice and it was left behind by the competition. Niton stores are good but essentially it’s Sainsbury’s. They would make a ton of… Read more »

Niton is Co-op not Sainsburys