Commuters left behind (again) during hourly Fastcat service

Wightlink claimed that passengers would prefer the hourly service than travel on a charter boat, but commuters are being left behind as the one boat can’t cope

passengers left behind at wightlink terminal

This photo shows some of the passengers who were unable to get on the 07:47 sailing from Ryde Pier this morning.

During the annual maintenance period Wightlink are only running one Fastcat an hour, refusing to put on a charter boat for commuters. They claim the decision is not a financial one.

The passenger who sent through this photo told OnTheWight,

“Wightlink claim passengers would prefer to be an hour later for work rather than travel on a charter boat.

“They used to have three fast ferries, but now only have two, so when one is having repairs or refit they cut the service and can’t always cope with the volume of passengers. 

“I’m now on the 08:47 service which is also going to leave people behind!”

A petition calling on Wightlink to introduce a charter boat has over 400 signatures.

Tuesday, 11th February, 2020 8:58am



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AND condemned to drink Costa coffee…

I’ve Tweeted the following to Wightlink. If history is a less, I shall not hear back from them. Tweet: @wightlinkferry I’ve seen quite a bit of queue jumping at Portsmouth for the #FastCat #ferry I’m missed it 2x because it filled up & had to wait 1 hour for next. If nobody jumped the queue, I would have gotten on What policy does #WightLink have with regards… Read more »
Wightlink actually replied to my Tweet. However Wightlink didn’t actually answer my question wish was what is Wightlink’s POLICY regarding queue jumping. As anyone who needs to use the FastCat at peak times when the queue tails back to the rail station, it’s virtually impossible to find a free Wightlink employee. Then there is the matter of saving one’s place in the queue. But suppose one could… Read more »