Conservatives announce candidate for Osborne and Whippingham seat on Isle of Wight council

Island Conservatives’ candidate says he’s already working hard for residents as a town councillor and by-election offers an opportunity to continue this at a county level.

stephen hendry

David Pugh shares this latest news on behalf of Island Conservatives. Ed

The Isle of Wight Conservative Association has announced that East Cowes resident and town councillor, Stephen Hendry, will be its candidate in the forthcoming Whippingham and Osborne by-election.

Local candidate
Stephen, who previously contested the seat in 2013, has served on East Cowes Town Council since then, including a term as deputy mayor.

He lives locally with his wife and two young children, who attend Holy Cross Primary School in the town, where he is also a local authority governor. He works as a software developer.

Hendry: Understand key issues affecting the area
Speaking following his selection, Stephen said:

“I am pleased to put myself forward to represent Whippingham and Osborne on the Isle of Wight Council. I have got to know many fellow local residents over the past six years as a town councillor, including four years representing Osborne, and I understand the key issues affecting the local area. Whippingham is also an important part of the ward, which requires a pro-active councillor working closely with the parish council.

“I look forward to getting out on the doorstep over the coming weeks. I am already working hard for residents as a town councillor; this by-election offers an opportunity for me to continue this at a county level, drawing on my experience in getting things done on behalf of the local community.”

Pugh: “This by-election cannot come soon enough”
Association Chairman, David Pugh, added:

“For too long, this area has lacked an effective voice at County Hall, as the absent Labour councillor failed to attend meetings on behalf of her constituents. This by-election cannot come soon enough.

“We now have the opportunity to elect a councillor who will be an influential and pro-active representative for local residents, as part of the majority Conservative Group.”

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8 Comments on "Conservatives announce candidate for Osborne and Whippingham seat on Isle of Wight council"

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Gosh, I hope no one is misguided enough to vote for a party that can’t manage to get a ferry across the Medina on a regular basis.

As a foot passenger I hope no one votes Tory. Ever again.


Just what we need, more Tory councillors, as the Island loses it’s doctors, an they shut schools and cut services to the bone, including mental health and homeless provision, and they prepare to frack on our beautiful Island but hey what we need is another Tory.

Steve Goodman
A bit of balance: I’m reminded that both the leaving Labour councillor and the present Labour candidate were genuinely caring and committed local ladies elected to replace two previous problematic Conservative councillors largely because they and their con. colleagues chose to ignore their responsibilities to conserve the much loved local listed former Frank James Hospital. Julia and Louisa deserve credit for playing a properly pro-active part in… Read more »

“the absent Labour councillor failed to attend meetings on behalf of her constituents.” One assumes that this is true otherwise the candidate would not have said it. So, what do you want, an absent Labour councillor or A Conservative who at least sounds as though he intends to try and get to work on behalf of residents?


Perhaps he would like to speak for himself or you his mouthpiece ?

Steve Goodman
? Regardless of whether or not the (7.15) comment was actually intended to be a reply to my (7pm) FJ campaign work comment, it seems that some more help might be useful. To clarify; as most of us already understand, the choice of election candidates will not be between the non-standing Labour one recently criticized for absence and a/A Conservative ‘who sounds as though he’d like to… Read more »
Benny C
Let’s ask an open question or two. If he replies well, he’s probably worth a chance. After all perhaps it’s the person not necessarily the party that gets the results. Mr Hendry, 1) will you refer the chain ferry issue to the LGO? If not why not. Please don’t prevaricate and say you want to have a go first. Do that anyway if you are elected, it’s… Read more »
Mark L Francis

Looks dodgy… no, like I mean he does – like a Bond villain contemplating the ignition of a “laser” beam, probably focused on Whippingham I shouldn’t be surprised