Conservatives Release Revised Schedule of Savings

Revisions to budget proposals released the day before the Full Council meeting

Council leader, Cllr David Pugh has today released a revised set of recommendations for tomorrow evening’s Full Council meeting.

David PughA revised schedule of savings shows where last minute changes have been made to the proposed budget for 2011/12. VB reported the changes to library provision and public toilets yesterday.

In his email to members and officers, Cllr Pugh expressed his gratitude to the Independent Group for their proposals on the casual mileage allowance and the investment in public transport which the Conservatives have incorporated into their final proposals.

He goes on to say that he is also also “grateful to the input of elected members from across the Island, whose feedback – along with that of the wider public – has helped shape these final proposals.”

The additional savings highlighted are …

  • £88k saving from a reduction in the casual mileage allowance.
  • £110k from further savings in democratic services.
  • £490k from the provisional allocation re New Homes Bonus.

Revised investment and savings include ….

  • £100k reduced saving for 2011/12 on Waterside Pool (£250k down to £150k), taking into account the proposal that has been submitted by a Ryde group with a view to keep the facility in operation.
  • £10k reduced saving for 2011/12 on public conveniences (£100k down to £90k), in line with the Cabinet paper – Public Convenience Review – published yesterday.
  • £25k allocation to support lifeguard training and support.
  • £180k reduced saving for 2011/12 on the Cowes Chain Ferry (£200k down to £20k), allowing for the decision not to introduce foot passenger charges.
  • £100k additional funding allocation for public transport needs, to complement the existing allocation of funding for 2011/12.
  • £100k reduced saving for 2011/12 on the library service (£500k down to £400k) and a reduced full year effect saving of £500k (down from £833k), in line with the recommendations in the Cabinet paper – The Future of the Island’s Library Service – published yesterday.
  • £173k unallocated provision from the New Homes Bonus.

Budget Strategy and Council Tax Setting – Final Revised Recommendations – 23 February 2011

Appendix 5 – Savings Proposals 2011-12 – Final Proposed

Tuesday, 22nd February, 2011 11:50am



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  1. Just another smokesceen folks, don’t be taken in, Pugh and his cronies have no intention of loosing anything themselve, all they give away is little tempters and tonnes of b***s**t.
    Keep on fighting, keep up the pressure, we need lower High Street totally blocked at 5pm tomorrow and also the back entrance to County Hall from the bottom of Quay Street. Stir up your friends, lets scare these slimy toads, show that we really mean business- regardles of what happens tomorrow it is my intention to back anyone who will help rid us of the ruling group, May 2013 at the latest but preferably before. If there were any “gentlemen” in the Conservative party, they would take the time honoured way of falling on their swords, as there is no liklyhood of that happening we need to push them over the edge!!!

    • Yes,really make a mass mess tomorrow-block the traffic and never surrender to these cuts.That’s the only way Pugh and his Tory friends know. Force and dictatorship.They know nothing of democracy. They are a mini dictatorship-if they had a militia I believe they would attack their own people like a certain Colonel in Libya is currently doing.

      • food for thought

        22.Feb.2011 5:14pm

        I have just written much the same below, at Comment No10.
        It’s hardly believable that they he, and the other members of the council are openly and proudly acting this way.
        In some places it could only be seen as political suicide to treat your constituents as a troublesome incovenience. And not even trying to hide your disdain.

  2. 24hrs before a major meeting…brilliant strategy

  3. 24 hrs before and pick apart another groups budget hmmmm wouldn’t be the first time!!! Again trying to make them look like the saviours at the last minute. I just wonder how much they have spent on getting their own budget made, then take the bits from a much smaller group. The tories have lost the plot!!

  4. it strikes me that Pugh is anxious to give the impresson of listening, and infact he does seem to have listened on some aspects.

    However, where are the cuts to senior pay that the independants and public have been crying out for?

    Why reduce the milage allowance? Its already so low as to put people off using their own personal car for council use. If I worked for the council and was expected to use my own car I would be asking questions now, especially as the cost of petrol continues to rise.

    As for the floating bridge, theyve gone from 50p to nothing. Theres been no thought of maybe 25p, which suggests to me that they looked into the legalities and realised they could not charge pedestrians for what is infact a strech of public highway.

    I also notice that the only thing to get additional funding rather than a reduction in cuts is public transport. Ie, Southern Vectis. Presumably this is for OAP free rides? Why no consideration of means testing at a local level? Or is that planned to be introduced quietly at some point so that Pugh doesnt lose the prevailent vote on the island.

    Generally it strikes me that the major hitters, the things most people mention and talk about, are missing. Things like Benyons ridiculous pay, Burbages dodgy pension deal (yes, we all know its legal, that doesnt make it any less dodgy), the money spent on PFI staff whilst we all still drive around on roads that make farm tracks look like motorways.

    It seems that Pugh is taking a mile with one hand, and giving an inch with the other. Bugger the people of the Island, Bugger the services, just make sure you look good in the County Press aye David.

    • Don Smith

      22.Feb.2011 7:32pm

      Pay and pensions must be one of the most important issues. There is no control, the sky is the limit, or so it would appear.

      This culture amongst the public servants must be curbed. It is bordering on criminal to pay ‘Town Clerks’ and their deduties such exorbitant pay; not just the salaries, it is all the perks that goes with the jobs.

      The same must be said of Councillors allowances, it all need an urgent review; many councillors just get elected to booster their incomes.

      Cuts across the board, share the pain; nothing less. It must be stopped, or these protests could turn nasty.

  5. Robert Wilkinson

    22.Feb.2011 1:21pm

    So typical Tory, take it all away and offer a little back.

    No mention of Tory councillors becoming volunteer councillors and not intending to claim expenses or allowances in line with Camerons Big Society.

    Keep up the fight! Say NO! to Tory cuts and YES to PUBLIC services.

  6. sally mcc

    22.Feb.2011 2:09pm

    Pugh listen to the public – I don’t think so! I have written to him about 20/30 times recently and have not had one reply or acknowledgment. After 40 years of supporting the conservatives that’s it for me, no more. They are just riding roughshed over us and think that we will lay down and take it. Where are the cuts to their ‘allowances’ or salaries? As for GB or DP volunteering at the libraries, that will be interesting to see, don’t let’s hold our breaths though until that happens…………………

  7. We need a few more cuts on the Island,anyone got a set of plans for a Guillotine!

  8. montana sliver

    22.Feb.2011 4:37pm

    Has Pugh still not resigned?

    Or more to the point has George Brown still not resigned – or at least retired.

  9. food for thought

    22.Feb.2011 5:00pm

    Mr Pugh’s only reply when asked what his opinion was on the demonstration on Saturday (and others in the past) is always ‘people who go on demonstrations achieve nothing’.
    He repeated this today on the IOW Radio.

    It’s an indication he is out of touch with local and national politics and even more so, global.
    Has he not seen anything from Egypt or Libya?
    Did they achieve nothing as well?

    People, who feel they are powerless, have nothing but their voices and the instinct we are all born with, that of rallying together in times of trouble.

    People are upset on the island and don’t know what else to do.

    We have a right in this country to express ourselves. Does he want to ban that as well?
    He dismisses island residents concerns with his patronising comments.
    He has no respect for all the efforts those marching individuals, from all sectors of the community, went to in giving up their time for something they believe in.
    Commendable, it indicates people care. They don’t need condemnation.

    I wasn’t there but I just might be next time.

    It makes my heckles rise to hear him talk about them in that heartless fashion.
    It beggars believe that he doesn’t even attempt to hide his disdain
    Stop trying to bully people Mr Pugh.
    I thought you said you didn’t do that!

  10. I think we have quite a lot to thank this Council for and the ConDems, they have made us treasure what we already knew was great about this Island, and this Country, our services and the vast majority of people that run them. They have also made us notice the contrast between people that show care and compassion, and who stand up and support, value and nurture others, as opposed to those that value only themselves, their life styles, their status and financial profit, riding rough shod over anyone else that gets in the way. I say to them thanks for showing us how not to be, with their mantra of ‘knowing the price of everything and the value of nothing’. Lets be thankful we aren’t like that, and join together outside County hall to oppose the cuts, and keep our services safe.

  11. montana sliver

    22.Feb.2011 6:04pm

    @food for thought – Pugh is in denial, so is Gaddafi (but for how much longer?)

    • Although in totally different cultures,the same sort of bloody mindedness are evident in Pugh’s and Gaddafi’s denial of their peoples needs and wishes.Let’s hope the people will win over them both in the next 24 hours in their different ways.
      I am afraid Government is not going to help-it is up to us the people bring change for the good over these power crazed mad men.

  12. jane nash

    22.Feb.2011 8:24pm

    Am I misremembering – didn’t the present crew at County Hall get in by saying they weren’t going to do school reorganisation?

    • Isla White

      23.Feb.2011 10:04am

      Quite right Jane, and now they are going to close more primary schools in East/West Wight and possibly build more in Newport and East Cowes because they didn’t take into consideration the proposed housing developments at Pan and East Cowes. Shortsighted or what?

  13. Unfortunately the tory councillors get to county hall long before 5pm. They have a group meeting before the full council meeting. To properly picket the backend of county hall you’d have to be there before 3pm. But we can make the meeting as uncomfortable for them as we possibly can.

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