Council announces end of mobile recycling unit – In midst of Lynnbottom Tip fiasco

Plans to end the service were reported by OnTheWight in February. Today the council announces the end of the mobile recycling unit, in the middle of the Lynnbottom Tip fiasco.

mobile waste unit

Following OnTheWight’s report in February of the council’s plans to scrap the mobile recycling unit, today they announce the end to the service. Ed

Due to the lack of use the mobile recycling unit is to be withdrawn from service from 1 May 2018.

In the past the travelling centre, operated by Amey in partnership with the council, visited areas across the Island, where residents could dispose of harder to recycle items.

Between April to December 2017, a total of just 10.9 tonnes was deposited at the mobile centre – equivalent to six and a half times as heavy as an average car. This equates to under 0.03 per cent of the total waste for the Island.

Murwill: Service “not viable”
Councillor Michael Murwill, Cabinet member for waste management, said,

“Ideally, we would like to keep the service running across the Island but that is not viable given the minimal number of residents that use the service, compared to the cost of running it.”

The closure of the service was approved at the Full Council budget meeting in February 2018 and was introduced as a result of reducing finances available to the council along with the need to protect core services for residents.

All of the items previously collected can be recycled at either Lynnbottom Household Waste and Recycling Centre (HWRC), Newport or Afton Marsh HWRC, Freshwater.


  • Think before you throw as some items you are disposing of could go to a charity shop or be reused.
  • Did you know the council offers a free reuse collection service for white goods and furniture in a good condition? Visit:
  • There is also a paid for bulky waste collection service for unreusable large white goods and furniture.
  • Garden waste can be composted at home or the council offers a fortnightly kerbside garden waste service for just £60 per year (£1.15 per week).

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Well of course there was a lack of use. As has been pointed out previously, the mobile unit wasn’t positioned in the best of places. As an example, it went to Whale Chine carpark which is on the Military Road outside of Chale. There are three houses within walking distance. Anyone else would need to use a car. Had it been placed in the village by the… Read more »
The cost of running the mobile unit can’t be a lot, and a little more publicity would have resulted in much more patronage. Many people including me thought it had already been stopped, following the February announcement. This is yet another example of IWC’s controlling clique taking the easy option and not applying any brain-power, and/or ignoring officer input (surely Colin’s skip idea would have been among… Read more »

If they advertised it in the same way they pushed the green garden bins instead of the odd facebook post it could have been a winner.

Why would they advertise it? This is perfect for them. Cut the tip opening hours by 5 hours a day. Create uproar. Quietly end the mobile recycling service – which has already been announced, so no news there. Use the money saved on the recycling to expand the tip hours by a couple of hours. Dave Stewart becomes a local hero for solving the tip problem. Everyone… Read more »