Dandelion Crafts offer unique way to help those with dementia

Penny and Harriet have devised a novel scheme to help support home-based carers of people with dementia

dandelion crafts - felt and button broaches

Something new is coming to Arreton Barns this weekend.

Dandelion Crafts, a unique community interest company that helps the amazing people who look after those living with Dementia, is opening its doors on Sunday 1st December.

A novel way to support carers
Founded and run by those who have personal experience caring for loved ones with dementia, Penny Rushton and Harriet Milnes put their heads together to create a business that supports carers by offering home-based employment creating dementia suitable gifts, such as fiddle blankets, sensory bags and other creative items – all of which can be seen and bought at their creative hub situated in Arreton Barns.

Penny and Harriet
Penny and Harriet

Caring for loved ones with dementia can be a socially isolating experience, often people are forced to give up work entirely and rely on limited government help and find themselves struggling financially and mentally.

Dandelion Crafts offers an opportunity for a home based income, a creative focus and a support network, as well as providing fabulous items for those being cared for.

Visit on opening day
Opening this Sunday (1st December) at 10am you are welcomed to come and discover what it’s all about, see the items for sale, and if you have some free time why not volunteer to help work in the shop, create some items and spread the word.

More information
Dandelion Crafts – Helping dementia carers care.

Unit 15, Arreton Barns, PO30 3AA
Tel: 01983 897431
Email: [email protected]
Website: dandelioncrafts.org
Facebook: Dandelion Crafts

News shared by Andrew on behalf of Dandelion Crafts. Ed

Friday, 29th November, 2019 11:08am


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