Ecoisland boss found dead

Our thoughts are with his family and friends.

David Green at Parliament by Jason Swain for Ecoisland

Police have confirmed that the body of David Green, the founder and face of EcoIsland, was discovered on Monday afternoon at his home address.

The death is not being treated as suspicious by the Police and all immediate next-of-kin have been informed.

A post-mortem examination will take place in due course and the HM Coroner has been informed.

Our thoughts are with his family and friends.

If you want to leave a condolence message below, please do, but refrain from other comments.

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Image: Ecoisland

Tuesday, 8th October, 2013 10:59am



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  1. Shocking. No amount of money is worth a life lost.

  2. Island Monkey

    8.Oct.2013 11:19am

    What very shocking and sad news. Condolences to his family and friends.

  3. Tragic news. Deepest thoughts are with David’s family and friends.

  4. Black Dog

    8.Oct.2013 11:33am

  5. gettingbetter

    8.Oct.2013 11:57am

    My sincere condolences to his family. He worked hard for a project he believed in. A great shame that this has happened.

  6. Howard Wootton

    8.Oct.2013 12:22pm

    Rest in peace David

  7. A tragedy for his family and friends, my heart goes out to them as nothing can prepare them for such a sad event.

  8. Robert Jones

    8.Oct.2013 1:21pm

    Just tragic that it should end like this. We can all only take so much before something, somewhere, breaks. His family will need all the support they can be given.

  9. Tanja Rebel

    8.Oct.2013 3:00pm

    Thank you, David, for always being supportive of me and of Carbon Cycling Celebration + all the other Eco-Events that you created. You were and always will be a great man with great ideas. I am sure that your legacy will live on and it is my hope that the Island now builds on your wonderful ideas to make your dream come true. My thoughts are with your family who have all the reason to be proud of you, what you stood for, what you believed in and all that you achieved for this Island.

  10. Steve Draper

    8.Oct.2013 4:28pm

    That’s really sad news, what a tragedy :(
    Great Eco vision, lets hope it lives on.
    RIP David, sincere condolences to his family and friends.

  11. What a tragedy, thoughts and prayers are with his wife and boys!

    • Thank you David for all that you did, in your charismatic way, to raise the green agenda on the Island. Your Greentank evenings were a revelation. R.I.P, and sincere condolences to your loved ones.

  12. scouter2007

    8.Oct.2013 8:11pm

    Spent a week in Dubai with David and found him to be great company and always had a smile on his face. Sad news for the Eco Island project as his vision will be missed. My condolences to his family at such a sad time. RIP.

  13. Bruce Webb

    8.Oct.2013 9:29pm

    Tragic news to hear…the Eco Island inspired me in many ways.

    I still have him to thank for pushing me forward with my green views and to lobby people to look after the environment – especially on the IOW. My condolences go out to his family who must be in pieces. Its a very sad day for the Isle of Wight.

  14. Rupert Besley

    8.Oct.2013 9:32pm

    So very sad, an awful tragedy and a huge loss: a man who gave so much to ideas ahead of their time. My sincere condolences.

  15. hazel wyld

    8.Oct.2013 10:53pm

    What sad news, my heart goes out to his family and friends.

  16. Julia Baker-Smith

    9.Oct.2013 12:26am

    David’s vision will never die, his ideas live on in so many and I am sure his dream of a truly eco island will become a reality thanks to the seeds he planted. My sincere condolences go to David’s family and friends at this terribly sad time.

  17. Such a sad ending for a man with great foreseight.

    Sherif Zukic
    Oceanic Water Pressure Electricity

  18. Karena Barton

    9.Oct.2013 11:29am

    No words are ever enough. A very eloquent man, with passion and vision.

  19. bhugheslocal

    9.Oct.2013 7:50pm

    RIP David. A true visionary with an unrivalled passion and zest for what he believed in. For the unfortunately short period of time I had known him he was an inspiration of the highest order. Here’s to our “synced lives” David.
    God bless.

  20. Steve Goodman

    10.Oct.2013 1:58am

    How should we best respond to such a dreadful personal tragedy?

    David’s sorrowful death is a shocking reminder of the need to deal urgently with the serious environmental threats to the health & happiness of all of us; he cared, and he was showing us that it is possible to respond together in ways that are enjoyable, and that sustainability & green business is an increasingly important part of the economy.

    I hope that his family can take some comfort from his many achievements; there is much to be proud of. He was working hard for all of us; he supported, encouraged, & inspired many of us, and gave much pleasure. I think he, and many of the projects he was involved in, deserved greater support.

    I am grateful that he gave us such a big, exciting, entertaining push in the direction of transition to a much more independent community. That movement will continue here & elsewhere; the entire world population is having to adapt & improve. David will not be forgotten. He did a lot for us; we have a lot to do now.

  21. Dave was an inspirational man – his passion, energy and enthusiasm spanned the globe. Steve Goodman (and others) you are correct: DG did a lot for us (collectively) and we have a lot to do NOW. Our heartfelt feelings to Pat, Luke and Matt from Mooloolaba Australia. Paula and Simon Hay.

  22. Steve Goodman

    4.Mar.2014 10:58pm

    Update from the CP site this evening, confirming that this should not have happened

    “DISTRAUGHT over the collapse of his community interest company and subsequent arrest on suspicion of fraud, Ecoisland founder David Green hanged himself at his Isle of Wight home, an inquest heard today (Tuesday).
    Mr Green was arrested on suspicion of fraud, but a police investigation was later dropped.
    An investigation was launched after the Isle of Wight Council notified police £115,000 of public money paid to the company was unaccounted for.
    The council alleged Mr Green had supplied false information in order to obtain payments to Ecoisland. It has since been found that was not the case.
    Isle of Wight coroner Caroline Sumeray concluded he killed himself.
    His wife, Patricia, said his high-profile arrest on suspicion of fraud, reported on the front page of the County Press, had humiliated him and made him feel like a criminal.
    The police probe was dropped after it was found information provided by the IW Council was inaccurate.”

  23. Steve Goodman

    4.Mar.2014 11:20pm

    More, from the Guardian site:

    “Eco-energy firm boss killed himself after false accusation of fraud

    David Green, who was named a ‘Team Green Britain Hero’, hanged himself after he was wrongly accused of stealing
    Share, Tuesday 4 March 2014 19.39 GMT
    The award-winning founder of a pioneering eco-energy company killed himself after a council wrongly accused him of stealing £115,000 of government funding, an inquest has heard.

    David Green had established the Ecoisland Partnership community interest company (CIC) with the ambitious aim of making the Isle of Wight self-sufficient in terms of energy.

    But Green was arrested by Hampshire police after they had received information from the Isle of Wight council claiming that grant money was unaccounted for.

    Four days later, and after a front-page article had appeared in the local newspaper about his arrest, Green was found hanging from an oak tree in the garden of his home in Cowes.

    His widow, Patricia Green, 59, and younger son, Luke, 29, wept at the hearing in Newport as it was made clear that the allegations made against Green had been unsubstantiated.

    Recording a verdict of suicide, Isle of Wight coroner Caroline Sumeray said to Green’s family it must have been “horrendous” for them to discover he had been driven to take his own life because of the humiliation of the false allegation. “I can’t begin to imagine how you are feeling,” the coroner added.

    Wiping away tears, Mrs Green said: “It won’t bring him back.”

    Green was named a “Team Green Britain Hero” during the Olympics and his home on the Isle of Wight, which he renovated with environmentally-friendly principles, attracted up to 50 people visiting each month to view his innovations.

    Ecoisland was awarded the grant money in January of last year following a successful bid by the Isle of Wight council for Department of Energy and Climate Change funding to help householders on the island reduce their energy bills and to aid businesses to become more environmentally friendly.

    Mrs Green, who worked for her husband, said that he was “devastated” by his arrest in October and the following report in the local newspaper.

    Speaking of his questioning by police, she said: “David described the experience as the most humiliating and degrading in his life.”

    She continued: “He was a very honest and honourable man. He said he had overheard someone talking about ‘the prisoner’ and I think that hit him hard.”

    Referring to the report in the newspaper of his arrest on suspicion of fraud, Mrs Green said: “He was devastated, I think it was just the first negative thing that he had, it just threw him.

    “He said: ‘I am not going to be able to walk down the road, I am going to be a pariah.’We [the family] were saying: ‘It’s a small island, people soon forget.'”

    Detective Constable Lee Stewart, of Hampshire police, said that the decision to arrest Green was made after it became known that the Isle of Wight County Press newspaper had received information about the allegation and it was deemed necessary to question him in case an attempt was made to destroy any evidence once the matter was made public.

    He said that the false allegations were based on “misinterpretation” of spreadsheets provided by Green to the council. He added of the council’s initial allegation: “It wasn’t factually incorrect, it was a misunderstanding, a misinterpretation.”

  24. Tanja Rebel

    5.Mar.2014 8:30am

    David Green’s greatest wish and vision was for this Island to become truly sustainable. It is to be hoped that the Isle of Wight now puts in every effort to continue his legacy and make his dream come true. We owe it to him, his family and future generations.

  25. That’s ok then just a “misunderstanding”. Perhaps if the police had investigated this properly before arresting Mr Green then his life would not have ended in this tragic way. That would have been to simple wouldn’t it and of course that bastion of justice.IWCP, wouldn’t have been able to take advantage of yet another dose of cheap sensationalism

  26. The CP is now reporting that the matter was dropped; “after it was found information provided by the IW Council was inaccurate.”

    I wonder if the council had asked Mr Green for clarification before going to the police.

    Whatever happened it is a tragic series of events.

  27. Tanja Rebel

    5.Mar.2014 10:16am

    Yes, it is a tragic series of events and may it teach us all a lesson.

    Instead of looking back, I suggest that we now try to make David Green’s wishes a reality. This will honour the man and his vision.

  28. Rupert Besley

    5.Mar.2014 10:57am

    Suggestion of fraud in this context was misplaced and unwarranted. Careless talk costs lives. As stated above, the best that can be salvaged from this tragedy is a renewed effort to move forward with all that was achieved by David Green.

  29. Robert Jones

    5.Mar.2014 11:44am

    Since the advent of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act, and another bit of legislation that came later, the police have powers to arrest any suspect in any case; the old days, when police would have to question someone without arresting them – unless there were strong evidence – and could only search your house or office either with your consent or with a magistrate’s warrant, have gone.

    So David Green, and thousands of others, have been subject to arrest on the least convincing of bases, because the police, in this country as everywhere else, take the very easiest route open to them and have used oppressive legislation in an oppressive way.

    This will happen again.

  30. The Sciolist

    5.Mar.2014 2:52pm

    The IOW council has some awkward explaining to do. Who made the call to the police and who else was involved in that decision?

    The CP has picked a good moment to remove and disallow all story comments hasn’t it?

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