Dinosaur Island gets another boost with special issue of stamps

The Isle of Wight’s reputation as the dinosaur capital of Europe will be even further enhanced later this month thanks to the Royal Mail.

Dino stamps:

Another boost for Dinosaur Island. This in from the council, in their own words. Ed

The Royal Mail is bringing out ten commemorative dinosaur stamps each featuring drawings by internationally famous Isle of Wight artist John Sibbick.

The stamps depict ten ‘British’ dinosaurs, of which fossils from seven of the ten featured on the stamps have all been previously found on the Isle of Wight. Many of these fossils are on display at Dinosaur Isle Museum in Sandown.

New exhibition
To coincide with the launch of the Royal Mail’s special issue of stamps, on 10 October the museum will be hosting and exhibition telling the story of the creation of the work by John Sibbick.

John said:

“I always knew that designing and illustrating stamps was a rigorous and painstaking process. To get the opportunity was a dream come true especially depicting the world famous dinosaurs found on the Isle of Wight.

“To get such access to fossil dinosaur bones, tracks and the plants in their environment on the Isle of Wight makes the reconstruction process a much more vivid experience.”

The stamps feature some of the UK’s most famous dinosaurs including pterosaurs and marine reptiles. Among the dinosaurs discovered here include Baryonyx which was biggest UK meat eater of the time, and also the Hypsilophodon which was a small plant eater.

Dinosaur Isle’s general manager Peter Pusey said

“Only last year we were delighted to receive the donation of an impressive Baryonyx tooth discovered here on a local beach. We are now thrilled to display this specimen alongside the stamps that capture this period of pre-history and bring it back to life.”

The exhibition will be on display in the museum from 10 October until Christmas. More details can be found by contacting the museum on 01983 404344 or by logging on to www.dinosaurisle.com.

Image: © Royal Mail and Isle of Wight Council

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Tuesday, 8th October, 2013 12:35pm


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  1. This sounds like quite a coup for John Sibbick and the Island.

  2. Mark L Francis

    9.Oct.2013 10:47am

    My son, Ali, will say;

    “Four are not even dinosaurs! Aaargh argh, argh etc.(much handwringing & teenager-type behaviour)”
    but at least there are more caulkheads here than on those plastic meteorites.
    Iguandon, Hyspoliphodon, Baryonyx, Polacanthus, Megalosaurus for sure. Icythiosaurs and Ornithocheirus – yes but they are not dinosaurs.
    However I understand that icythiosaurs became extinct before the IOW was formed.

    Now we’ve got that over -John Sibbick is the Man!

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