Find out about the first UK Podcasters’ meetup held on the Isle of Wight (podcast)

People came from far and wide for this, the first UK Podcasters’ meetup on the Isle of Wight. The lovely bunch included Cliff Ravenscraft, a king among the podcast-eratti.

uk podcaster meetup

Monday evening saw the first UK Podcasters’ meetup to be held on the Isle of Wight.

People gathered from all over to assemble at Three Buoys, Ryde to discuss their passion: creating podcasts (think of them as radio that you can download and listen to on your phone, tablet or computer).

Mike and Izabela Russell were the organising force behind it, attracting people from as far away, UK-wise, as Scotland, and Internationally, as far away as Kentucky, USA.

Guests of honour
Cliff Ravenscraft (and his family) – who were guests of honour – won the prize for furthest travelled, them being residents of Kentucky. We took the chance to speak to Cliff – you can listen to our podcast with him below – about his early journey into podcasting.

Cliff Ravenscraft - UKPod - Jul 2015

Cliff (pictured above) is not only a veteran of the podcasting scene (he’s been doing it since 2005), but he’s prolific. His series of podcasts have covered thirty different subjects with some of them having over 640 episodes. He also told us that he’s taught over 25k people how to podcast.

Quite a few Islanders were there too, some of whom are current active podcasters, others who were pod-curious – wondering if this was something for them.

Podcats for business gain
There was much talk about how many businesses are really benefitting from creating their own podcasts to strengthen customer relationships.

This was amply illustrated by sets of people there whose businesses are gaining considerable turnover, attracted by their podcasts.

It struck us that business-gaining podcasts are something Isle of Wight businesses might want to consider.

Lovely bunch
There was a thoroughly lovely bunch of people at the event, friendly and open to sharing their knowledge and experience.

If another event gets organised, you should try and make it along.

Cliff Ravenscraft podcast at UKPod

Guide to what we chatted to Cliff about
00:00 – Cliff’s first trip to Europe
03:45 – Cliff’s ten year journey in podcasting
04:50 – Cliff’s start in podcasting – Get Lost
08:06 – 30 podcasts – amazing achievement
10:30 – Making money from podcasts by sponsorship
12:00 – What do you do these days – podcast ways
13:40 – Top tips on starting a podcast
14:20 – Top two things on the Island

640 episode – pursuing a balanced life

Sunday, 12th July, 2015 11:39am



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