Forest Road traffic lights could be considered once investigation and inquest complete

The petitioner said it had nothing to do with the police investigation or Coroner’s Inquest and that the road was recognised as one of the most dangerous rural roads in the country.

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The Isle of Wight Council will consider installing traffic lights at the scene of a fatal crash, after a petition was submitted to yesterday’s (Wednesday) Isle of Wight Council meeting (catch up here).

Yvonne Copland died when the car she was travelling in was involved in a collision with a bus at Vittlefields Cross, Forest Road.

A petition demanding the council instructs Island Roads to install traffic lights at the site received nearly 7,000 signatures.

No debate
The petition was not debated and the wording was revised because an Inquest and police investigation into the incident, which also saw four injured people airlifted to hospital, are both still ongoing.

The altered wording asked for traffic lights to be considered alongside all potential options when the relevant information becomes available.

Palin: Petition unrelated to investigations
Cameron Palin, who started the petition, said he did ‘regrettably accept’ the decision, otherwise his petition would not be heard at all.

However, he said the petition had nothing to do with the investigation and the road was recognised as one of the most dangerous rural roads in the country.

He said said:

“No action has been taken has been taken to put in any sort of traffic calming measures. The petition demands immediate action after Yvonne sadly lost her life.

“Less than two weeks later another accident happened although fortunately no-one was injured.”

Long wait to be heard
Mr Palin said it was a shame it had taken three months to have his petition heard, criticising the council for having fewer meetings at which the public can speak.

Stewart: All options would be considered
Cllr Dave Stewart, leader of the council, said he was mindful of advice he had received that the investigation and inquest were underway.

He said all options would be considered following their conclusions, and proposed the matter was not debate further but was moved immediately to a vote.

The council voted to accept the revised petition with 31 votes for, none against and one abstention.

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They could at least have cut the hedges back to improve the sight lines.

Steve Goodman
Again, petition number crunching: Amount of money spent on making safer the fatal accident Forest Road blackspot so many people want something done about (irrespective of the outcome of the latest inquest); nothing. Amount of money about to be “spaffed up the wall” (in words from our latest PM’s increasingly famous phrasebook) on a 15 month major disruption and replacement of a roundabout so few people want… Read more »