Graze It deliver boxes of cakes to hospital wards as thank you from the community

Parita has been delivering freshly cooked meals to the hospital throughout the pandemic as a thank you to NHS staff, this latest offering of boxes of baked goods put smiles on lots of faces

Parita Patel with boxes at Hospital

Last weekend, Parita Patel managed to light up some of the faces of our hardworking NHS staff at St Mary’s Hospital when she dropped off these boxes of delicious baked goods.

Parita from Graze It explained that she’d received some money from the local community to make up five boxes for the hospital staff. She very generously added to that and topped it up to 12 boxes.

The boxes delivered to the hospital

The boxes were delivered to the Children’s ward, Isolation 1 and 2, Cardiac unit, St Helens ward, Pre-assessments, Theatre, Maternity, ICU, A&E, Ambulance department and patient transportation.

Patel: A little something to put some smiles on faces
Parita, who has been delivering meals to the hospital throughout the Coronavirus pandemic, told News OnTheWight,

“It was just a little something to put some smiles on faces during the pandemic.

“It’s not life changing, but it’s nice to see their faces light up – a little pick me up!”

You can show your support for Parita by visiting her Graze It Facebook Page where you’ll find lots of great boxes to order to send to friends and family on the Island.

Thursday, 21st January, 2021 6:33pm



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What a fantastic gesture, well done. I was taken to A&E at St Marys a little while ago. Whilst there I heard a staff member saying that she could kill a biscuit with her tea when she gets on her break. After being there for nine hours looking after me it was finally the end of her twelve hour shift, poor woman was absolutely exhausted. As soon… Read more »