How to get tested for Coronavirus on the Isle of Wight (updated)

Anyone aged five upwards can now be tested for Covid-19 on the Isle of Wight if they are displaying symptoms. Here’s how

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Covid-19 tests are now available to anyone aged 5 or over who has Coronavirus symptoms

Symptoms to look out for include a new continuous cough or high temperature or loss/change in normal sense of smell or taste. Anyone experiencing these symptoms should self-isolate and arrange to be tested using the downloaded Covid-19 App or at the Isle of Wight satellite testing facility.

How to order a test
Island residents who record their symptoms via the App will be connected to a call centre where they can order a swab test, which will be sent directly to them and collected the following day.  Anyone they have been in close contact with, who also has the App, will be alerted anonymously via a ‘ping’ and given guidance on what to do next.   

For those who cannot use the App to report symptoms, such as other family members of the symptomatic individual or anyone who does not have a smart phone, the drive-through satellite Coronavirus testing facility at 1Leisure Medina in Newport is available and is now operated by Isle of Wight NHS Trust.

Drive-through testing centre
This centre has provided over 2,000 tests since it first opened last month – appointments are available Monday to Saturday between 9am-2.30pm and can be booked by telephone on 03333 218865.  

On arrival a self-test kit is provided which involves taking a swab from the throat and the nose to identify if Coronavirus is present. This means those who test negative for Coronavirus can return to work as soon as possible, and those who test positive are able to isolate whilst they recover.

Test in the first five days of having symptoms
Sara Weech, Project Lead for the testing centre, said: 

“I have been really impressed with how well the team has come together very quickly and at short notice to provide a much needed testing service for the Island.  We know the test can cause anxiety but we hope we have been able to reassure families when they are here and to talk them through the process. 

“The Covid-19 PCR tests whether a person has the Coronavirus; it is not an antibody test to identify if they have had, or are immune to, the virus.

“Ideally you need to have the test in the first five days of having symptoms and if using the testing centre, you should book to take a test as soon as possible.  Completed tests leave the Island the same day and results should be available within five days.”

Bryant: Uptake will give us greatest success to enable return to normality
Simon Bryant, Director of Public Health for Hampshire and Isle of Wight Councils said: 

“By making it easy for those with symptoms to get tested, including children over five years old, and with the digital contact tracing provided by the NHS Covid-19 App, we can continue to reduce transmission of the virus across the Island. 

“Not only can we alert residents who may have been exposed so they can take action to protect themselves and others, this enhanced testing means younger family members can now be tested too.  

“If uptake and use of testing and the app is widespread it will give us the greatest success to begin to enable the return to normality.”

Smith: Notify the App
Alison Smith, Managing Director for NHS Isle of Wight Clinical Commissioning Group, said: 

“It’s welcome news that more people, who are showing symptoms, can now be tested for Covid-19 on the Island. The fact we have our own testing facility is great because it reduces the need to travel to the mainland for a test. And of course we are the first area in the country to be using the NHS Covid-19 App – that’s another way for you to obtain a test.

“If you think you may have the virus then notify the App, and after that you will be connected to a call centre to order a swab test that will be sent directly to you.”

Government Covid-19 guidance: Stay alert and stay safe
Wash your hands thoroughly and frequently (video tips).

Social distancing
It is recommended that you maintain at least a two metre gap (about 6.5ft) from people who are not from your household.

Seeking advice
Use the NHS 111 online coronavirus service that can tell if you need medical help and advise you what to do.

Article edit
8.55am 20th May – Telephone number added

News shared by Isle of Wight NHS Trust. Ed

Image: Vincent Ghilione under CC BY 2.0

Tuesday, 19th May, 2020 9:44pm



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Jenny Smart

Excellent news, but a key important piece of information is missing. What is the turnaround time for test results?

Speed is of the essence if we are to get on top of this infection.


Actually it is the speed of isolation of infected people to stop the virus from spreading which is the most important thing, along with not then undoing that work by inviting a lot of potentially infected people, like holiday makers, on to the island in a vain attempt to rescue the tourism season.

Sally Perry

When the mobile test centre arrived, we were told speed of test results is between 24-72 hours, but that may have changed now.


Aren’t they sending the tests to Ireland for processing? Or is that just a rumour?


You don’t need to wait for test results to speedily trace and isolate. That’s the key issue if you want to get on top of a fast moving infection.


The island hasn’t got a single human tracer, without them hunting down and isolating people the app is pretty much pointless.


The article is about how to get tested. It states “ appointments are available Monday to Saturday between 9am-2.30pm and can be booked by telephone.” and yet there is no telephone number mentioned!

Sally Perry

Well spotted – have asked NHS Trust (the release was in their words) for details and will update asap


Oh, that will be why the telephone number is missing then Sally. Lol

Sally Perry

Have now updated the article with the number: 03333 218865

Eagle eye
There is a problem with picking up the test kit despite making a booking. Just had to order a second kit and was informed there is a problem with the kits being picked up. The Royal Mail website now has a link stating that if the test kit is not picked up by 4pm to ring the NHS on the number given. As the labels are prepaid… Read more »