Island Libraries: New Options Up For Discussion

New items (including Tim Coates’ one) are being considered for the Island libraries

An indication as to what might be offered cuts-wise to the Full Council for elected-councillors to vote on this Wednesday has been published.

New Options Up For Discussion For Island LibrariesThe papers for the Cabinet meeting for 1.March.11 have been released showing different thinking to what has been made publicly previously.

VB plans to go through in more detail shortly, but thought we’d give you the headlines of what options are now being considered.

There are now five options on the table (including one (C) put forward by Tim Coates) …

  • Option A – The Council would continue to run eleven library sites across the Island, with their current opening hours.
  • Option B – The Council would operate libraries in Cowes, Freshwater, Newport, Ryde, Sandown and Ventnor. In addition, the Council would continue to operate libraries in Bembridge, Brighstone, East Cowes, Niton and Shanklin, from 1st April 2011 until 30th June 2011, during which period it will seek to negotiate the devolution of library control to bodies in the local community. Should there be no devolved arrangement with a community body, or one in significant negotiation, by 30th June 2011, Isle of Wight Council operation of a library in that locality will cease.
  • Option C – The Council would redefine the relationship between the Libraries’ Headquarters and operating libraries. Specifically, it would look to devolve budgets to libraries set out in Option B. The Council would also use the Newport and Ryde libraries to evaluate self-service equipment critically before making any move to purchase multiple units of such equipment.
  • Option D – Where a town or parish council or a community group agrees to operate a community library from an existing library building, the Council may enter into a beneficial lease with the interested party to enable the transfer of the building for the purpose of a library and ancillary community use.
  • Option E – Where a town or parish council or a community group agrees to operate a community library where there is no existing library site in the area, the Council will, subject to an evaluation of its feasibility, support the council/group through the provision of a core stock of books, materials and equipment and provide ongoing advice, training and support on the basis of the devolved model described in Option C.

The only option not being recommended is Option A – to leave the libraries as they are.

All other listed options have fallen under the Recommendation banner, so we’ll know no more until Full Council or the Cabinet meeting.

Have a look at the details for yourself … and tell us what you think.

The Future Of The Island’s Library Service (IWC Cabinet paper 1.Mar.11)

Monday, 21st February, 2011 5:03pm



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6 Comments on "Island Libraries: New Options Up For Discussion"

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all very well, it looks as if the pressure is beginning to tell on Cllr Brown- but he still wants to hive off 5 libraries to “local control” (and therefore local cost). We want ALL ELEVEN libraries to be kept open and under Council control and at their costs. We DO NOT want libraries staffedd by volunteers, no matter how well intentioned they may be (I have… Read more »
retired hack
Reading the small print, it becomes clear that the “devolved budgets” in Option C would, in the case of Niton, East Cowes, Bembridge, Shanklin and Brightstone, cover everything EXCEPT staffing costs. While this is an advance on previous positions it does nothing to safeguard the livelihoods of the loyal and professional staff at these smaller libraries. I hope that during the strike on Wednesday, a good part… Read more »
brighstone residents sent in the largest response to the consultation to save its library and librarian, so we are not as small as cll pugh thinks, but he had already made his mind up to get rid of it. thankyou cll bingham for standing up for us , voting against these cuts are our only hope , all councillors should remember today why they chose to be… Read more »
The principles of why libraries should remain have been well highlighted by everyone involved in wanting to rescue them. having said this it should apply to every single library in big and small places. Concessions are not solutions! If there are negotiations and compromises it will mean that the the thin end of the wedge has been driven in to comeback with the rest piecemeal later. These… Read more »
Z. Morgan

I vote for Option A, but according to the big wigs this is not an option. Obviously they know what’s best for us and we have don’t. What a ghastly bunch of politicians some people voted in. Please, lets hope the Conservatives are booted out next time. Pugh could disappear off to the London Borough of Newham where other utterly useless IOW Council staff go…

Bill Lucas

They come from LB of Newham or Dave Burbage did.