Isle of Wight community arts radio station launches crowdfunder to support latest exciting plans

The team behind the Isle of Wight’s home to experimental radio broadcasting, Wolverton FM, are planning to run a series of Radio Clubs around the Island, where you’ll be able to join in. Find out more and how you can support the plans

lottie bowater and ergo phizmiz

Wolverton FM – the Isle of Wight’s brand new community arts radio station based in the grounds of the Wolverton Manor – has just launched a crowdfunding appeal.

The Wolverton FM team are setting up a series of regular Radio Clubs around the Island, where the public will be able to join in high-quality workshops of experimental approaches to making radio, in collaboration with local artists and visiting practitioners.

The team are hoping to raise funds to help with running costs, insurance, data storage, as well as venue costs, marketing and travel.

What is the plan?
Lottie Bowater from Wolverton FM explains,

“Wolverton FM is home to a lovely family of analogue synthesisers and electronic music making machines, and we aim to become a centre for the development of new electronic and computer composition.

“As shortwave and ham-radio enthusiasts we intend to run a series of workshops in building shortwave radios for Island residents.

“We would like to, within the next year and a half, be able to transmit broadcasts on shortwave.”

A shortwave radio
Image: Joe Haupt under CC BY 2.0

Island the birth place of radio comms
She goes on to add,

“Since shortwave is the original means for broadcasting, and the science and art of radio communication was actually BORN in the west-Wight, with the first ever radio experiment being broadcast by Guglieimo Marconi from Alum Bay, naturally, we feel we want to continue the lineage of experimental radio broadcasting.  

“This basically makes us Marconi, and you Queen Victoria. How about that?”

Perks galore
Those who support the crowdfunder will be rewarded, not just with a warm glow in your heart, but anything from from badges and stickers, to a quarterly fanzine-and-cd compilation of choice cuts of programming.

Not to mention music releases, artwork, cartooning and original collages, or even private gigs or full audio-productions on subjects of your choosing. 

A range of zines on show

Lottie finishes by saying,

“In a time when vast swathes of media and art are diluted through restrictions from corporate interests and commodification of absolutely everything, we believe that radio is potentially the last surviving means of broadcasting that is unfiltered and untarnished by the limitations of mainstream communications languages and media industries.”

Check out this video that explains more about the plans:

Show your support
To show your support and to find out more about the crowdfunder, visit the IndieGoGo Page.

Whilst you’re doing that you can listen to Wolverton FM in the background via the Wolverton FM Website.

Alternatively catch up on a selection of previous broadcasts at via Mix Cloud.

Thursday, 31st October, 2019 5:27pm



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Short wave? Are they not on FM then? Very confusing, as they call themselves Wolverton FM.

Mr Magoo

Launched on a wing and a prayer and not much else, unfortunately.