Isle of Wight council leader and MP ‘ineffective’ say Labour Party

The Island Labour Party say the failure of Cllr Dave Stewart and Bob Seely to win a fairer settlement for the Island “highlights their ineffectiveness”.

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Isle of Wight Constituency Labour Party Vice-Chair, Deb Gardiner, shares this latest news. Ed

Proposals by the Conservative-led Isle of Wight Council to both raise council tax by six percent and also slash £7.5 million from local services have been condemned by Labour.

Labour said the Tory-run council – which is proposing the largest council tax rise for over a decade – and Isle of Wight Conservative MP, Bob Seely were doing the Government’s dirty work in supporting austerity.

Unholy trinity
Labour Vice-Chair Deb Gardiner said:

“Since 2010, when the Tories were propped up by the Liberal Democrats in the Coalition Government, Councils have been continually hit by austerity and savage budget cuts.

“We now have an unholy trinity of Tory Government, Tory MP and Tory Council so there can be absolutely no doubt as to who is to blame for the cuts that are decimating local services and placing the burden of Conservative austerity onto the shoulders of those can least afford it.

“The failure of Cllr Dave Stewart and Bob Seely to win a fairer settlement for the Island highlights both their ineffectiveness and also the Conservative Government’s dogmatic determination to pursue its reckless and cruel austerity agenda to protect the wealthy at the expense of everyone else.

“The Government has taken a decision to refuse to properly fund vital local services and instead impose a cowardly stealth tax on Island residents through an almost 6% Council Tax increase. The council plans to force people to pay more council tax and get less services in return – in what world is that fair or acceptable?”

Impossible choices, not ‘difficult choices’
Labour welcomed the £500,000 additional funding for Adult Social Care, but added there is still a huge funding shortfall in the service.

“The money is, of course, very welcome but it isn’t nearly enough – and as it was part of settlement for all Councils providing social care in England, it is a bit disingenuous of the MP to claim that he had successfully put the Island’s case.

“One-off funding to finance rocketing demands on social care and forcing up Council Tax is simply not sustainable – this attack on the local government services we all rely on cannot go on. This is no longer about difficult choices, it’s about impossible choices.”

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Monday, 12th February, 2018 9:18am



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Luisa Hillard
The Council is currently being run by Conservatives who spent the previous 4 years (at least) defending government policy regarding austerity and who stated that cuts to services were required because the Council wasn’t being run properly, rather than admit that it was due to reducing government funding… Well the boot’s on the other foot now and the Conservatives can now drive forward their dismantling of public… Read more »
I think we can be fairly certain who will *not* get any blame. Accountable they are not. But it doesn’t really matter who’s to blame – the question is, what are we, the voting, taxpaying victim population doing about it? That’s right, wringing our hands and saying “ah well, all we can do is wait til the next elction”. Really? How about making life hell for certain… Read more »

Pot calling kettle! The Labour Party knows all about being ineffective.
Her Majesty’s Official Opposition? Wake me up when they start.

Robert Jones
Perhaps you should watch the Parliamentary debates sometimes – I don’t say often, because life is too short. It is not the arena in which Jeremy Corbyn is most comfortable: he doesn’t have the acerbic edge of a Wilson, the verbal dexterity of Blair, or the surgical precision of John Smith. Nonetheless he has transparent decency – and restraint in the face of government ministers from the… Read more »
I do indeed watch/listen to parliamentary proceedings. I have no argument with Corbyn, except that he is unelectable. My concern is that the Labour Party are not making any attempt to oppose nor to present credible alternatives and then persuade voters of their worth. For example there is vague talk of re-nationalisation of everything in sight, but no straight talking about affordability or benefit, no focus on… Read more »