Isle of Wight councillor to stand as Independent candidate in the General Election

This Isle of Wight councillor has announced that he’ll be standing in the General Election on 12th December

Karl Love - Portrait cropped

Joining the other Isle of Wight candidates in the upcoming General Election, councillor for East Cowes, Karl Love, recently announced he is standing as an independent candidate.

Love: Putting our people first
Karl told OnTheWight,

“I’m standing for our local people’s voices by putting our people first within national politics.

“I believe that Island people deserve to be listened to and have their issues and concerns represented properly to government by putting Island People First and at the centre of democracy.

“I will be voting for what best fits the needs of our Island people, to be transparent, inclusive and community focused.”

Improved education vital
Karl went on to say he believed education was an important tool to help change the world we live in. He said,

“Health and well-being comes first, above all else and education can be used to change the world and bring about positivity, employment and rewards in to all our lives.

“We need to train more NHS and teaching staff to addressed our national shortfalls, reduce waiting times and raise education standards.”

Proper investment needed
Going on to say that the Island’s destiny can be created and supported if we work together, Karl added,

“I believe that our Island is changing for the better and that we can do work together, in communities, to change attitudes and support one another and create our own Island and community destinies.

“Regeneration is not just about building housing it’s about creating better employment opportunities and family choices, our mental health and environment matters and it requires proper investment.”

He finished by saying,

“I’m very grateful for the support and encouragement I’m receiving. I don’t have the funding of the parties and I won’t be trying to compete with their financial PR power.

“I will be true to our Island people and I will listen.”

Karl joins the other candidates already announced which include The Brexit Party, Conservatives, Greens, Labour Party and question marks over the Liberal Democrat candidate (details here).

Wednesday, 6th November, 2019 10:58am



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11 Comments on "Isle of Wight councillor to stand as Independent candidate in the General Election"

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Geoff Brodie

The latest IW councillor vanity project. Just like Ian Stephens and Julie Jones-Evans at the last two elections, Karl will lose his deposit and waste his own money on an embarrassing candidacy. I have told him that to his face repeatedly.

Karl — you have a week to come to your senses. Tear the nomination papers up and concentrate on representing East Cowes at County Hall.


5th place at best – maybe 1,700 votes! Save your money Karl, you ain’t gonna see your deposit back.

I will not be bullied or put down for brining something different to the table and wanting to do my very best for our island people. I believe in democracy, inclusion and choices . You won’t be the first person Geoff to contact me in order to try and persuade me to give way and submit unquestionably to the ambitions of others. I have been told on… Read more »
Geoff Brodie

Karl. I like you and have a lot of time for you. I fear for you after 12 December. Don’t do this. Geoff

No one is putting you down or bullying you here. Merely being a bit jovial about it. No matter how good your intentions or well meaning you are. You will not win and no matter how much you convince yourself or wish otherwise, on the 12th December that will carry a sting and most likely upset you. Save yourself the cost, the upset, the upheaval and seriously… Read more »
Jenny Smart



This is a waste of time and a distraction for voters. A more prominent IOW councillor did this last time, put a lot of money into the campaign with personal letters to voters (the only one I got during the 2017 campaign), then crashed and burned.

Benny C

If he is daft enough to act like this we are better off rid of this substandard thinking. What a silly approach. Not needed here. Bye.

Mason Watch

Oh dear, do these people live in an alternative universe where there is the slightest chance of retaining their deposit or winning. With the boy Feeney also running it really is a race to the bottom. PS Remember the floating bridge, at least Councillor Whitehouse is leaving the Island

Jenny Smart

So here is your chance Karl.

What is this something ‘new, different and fresh’ you intend to bring to the table? Pray do tell.

Jenny Smart

When asked, ‘what is this something new, different and fresh’, there’s zero response.

Perhaps it’s simply meaningless spin and rhetoric, just like ever other politician at election time?